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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Ghost of Hillary Clinton Vs. Russia

During the last election I campaigned hard for Bernie Sanders.
When he dropped out because Hillary Clinton told him to I voted for Jill Stein.
I am not a Russian spy.
I have never worked for Russia.
I do have Russian friends and have lived in neighborhoods with large Russian populations.

There is NO PROOF that the Russian government "hacked" the election.
And if you read the actual accusations against Russia they are mostly accused of influencing the election by producing news programming in English that Americans can access online via RT.

After my time at a French media company, I think I know a tiny bit about how the American employees at RT must feel. I know what it’s like to work for America’s “enemies” during a climate of reactionary political extremism. I worked as a web designer in New York for a French media company before, during, and after 9/11. The company was the same French company John F. Kennedy Jr. partnered with when he published George Magazine. God rest his beautiful soul.

After 9/11, France (and the French people in general) were being vilified by the Republicans. I can’t remember what France did to piss off the Bush administration after 9/11, but suddenly we Americans had to prove our loyalty to America by calling "French Fries" "Freedom Fries" or the terrorists would win. It was the stupidest nonsense and did nothing to make the world safer for humanity. Our collective sanity was restored by the cartoon quality of Bush Jr.’s leadership. Thanks to Dubya we realized almost instantly how stupid we sounded ordering "Freedom Fries" so we went back to ordering french fries at McDonald's. It helped the racist mass hysteria against France to dissolve quickly.

Now as I watch the anti-Russian circus of contention surrounding Trump’s presidency it feels eerily similar to the Freedom Fries fiasco. Unfortunately for Russia there is no Russian cuisine that has dominated the list of offerings at McDonalds for seven decades. Russia has yet to seduce us with common food items, into a deeply dysfunctional yet committed tempestuous love affair with their culture, as the French have. It’s hard to say how loyal we will be to our common human bonds, and if war will erupt in spite of them, but perhaps our mutual love of Vodka will preserve peace and human solidarity between Americans and Russians since sense seems to be escaping many of us.

We live in a nation of immigrants. We are encouraged to be proud of the American melting pot. We go to school and study the languages of other nations and then go off to work in the global marketplace. Foreign companies who have products that Americans love, come and set up shop here for easier and less expensive distribution. Their employees learn English and immerse themselves in our culture to understand the American marketplace better. Do other nations, like Russia, have ambition for political harmony and peaceful dealings between America and their country? Yes. I am sure they do. Our entire economy is propped up by foreign investors who want good relations with America. Now Democrats are screaming: How dare American business people "secretly" work with Russian business people to generate profits in America!? How dare real estate corporations sell condos to Russians who live and work and pay taxes in America!? How dare Russia make a news channel that employs Americans covering the news the corrupt main stream American media doesn't want you to hear!? These outraged Democrats allow their politically motivated hypocrisy to eclipse the fact that none of the Russian business connected to Trump was illegal or actually happened in any unique secrecy. It happened in the same secret way all business happens, in business meetings behind closed doors in elite executive spaces.

We all live and work alongside people from all over the world (especially in cities like New York) and when a political wind shifts among the power elites suddenly your innocent presence at a company, or the neighborhood you live in, becomes a dangerous political statement. Now Americans are being pulled into a race war, this time by the establishment Democrats, this time against Russia, to get us to ignore the real war, which is between us and our corrupt politicians in both parties.

All of the current anti-Russian frenzy originated in the wake of the Titanic sinking end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Her persistent mourners stoke anti-Russian fires, wailing aloud and with emojis on Twitter and Facebook, about the great Russian threat that felled their Queen. They blame Trump and Russia for all their woes, never realizing they are sleeping with the enemy.

Hillary Clinton openly accepted campaign donations from countries like Saudi Arabia who execute gay people and don't let women do anything without the approval of a male chaperone. Devoted democratic sheep have no concept that misogyny is perpetuated by political wives like Hillary Clinton who accept money and power from men who demand that grown women cover their faces in public and do whatever their 14 year old brothers tell them to do. 

Is Putin an honest guy? Is he a murderous dictator? Maybe. Maybe not. But I know this for sure: Putin does not execute gay people for being gay and Russian women can wear what they want, and go where they want, with who ever they want, whenever they want to, and maybe Hillary Clinton hates Putin for that. Maybe Hillary Clinton feels threatened by Russian women exercising liberty. Maybe if Russian women are forced to stay home by male relatives they won't end up in bed with her scandalous husband. LMFAO. Teenage girls would not put up with a boyfriend cheating on them over and over again, yet Hillary Clinton wanted voters to see her as a courageous, seasoned Feminist leader and to have respect for her past decision making. Come on! I laugh when I imagine her rationalizing why she needs to stay with a man who betrays her repeatedly. I cry when I think of all of the innocent people killed needlessly in Clinton regime change wars. Now her post-election pathetic excuses for her failures as a leader have taken on a life of their own. Her pitiful gassed up loyal mob is frothing at the mouth, ready to spill Russian and American blood to avenge a loser.

So sad!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump Won. What's Next?

They say be careful what you wish for and now I get it.

My big gripe about celebrities has been that they don't do enough to keep attention on social issues. Real issues get eclipsed by their celebrity nonsense in the media. Now celebrities are getting political, but they're still distracting from real issues while inciting violence and totally ignoring the dangerous hypocrisy of their positions.

I'm venting about that time female (mostly blonde) millionaires freaked out and went to the Womens' March because their beloved blonde millionaire lady candidate lost the Presidential election to super-narcissist, pussy grabber, Donald Trump. Lady celebrities took to the streets all over America, to lead other concerned women into an age of star-studded revolution. The crowd wore "pussy hats" and carried homemade signs about their pussies having claws and they cheerfully used the occasion to express their "nasty sides" as a way to protest the nasty new President, Donald Trump. Madonna preached about her fantasies of blowing up the White House and Chelsea Handler hissed about the Russians to the press. None of the high powered women that attended the march seems willing to accept that Donald Trump won the election because Hillary Clinton was only popular with out of touch people who still benefit from the loopholes patriarchy has in place for certain men and women to succeed.

This is reality for women in America: Women who date and marry powerful, rich men ascend. Independent women who are willing to exploit their sexuality as a selling feature of their "brand" (like Madonna and Chelsea Handler) ascend. The Womens' March was a chance for successful self-made sex objects to openly resent men like Trump who profit because women like them are willing to compete in televised beauty pageants. Madonna and Chelsea, the blonde alpha females of music and comedy are now united in fighting against the patriarchy; the same patriarchy they serve when they capitulate to a corporate marketplace that demands they flash their tits occasionally on Instagram to stay commercially relevant as artists. We women also have some male feminist celebrity allies. Doughy weaklings like Patton Oswald praise the Womens' March and encourage Americans to punch their neighbors if they suspect their neighbor is a nazi. This madness gets #nazis trending on Twitter while distracting from real issues affecting women. Sarah Silverman tweet-screaming for the military to drag the entire Trump administration to jail totally distracts from the blood on Democrats' hands, endless blood from the continuing regime change wars Obama and Hillary Clinton launched when he was POTUS and she was Secretary of State.

If millionaire celebrities keep our attention on Trump and only Trump we will continue to ignore the corruption of the Clintons during the primary season. That is very disturbing because rigging a primary is treasonous corruption and THAT corruption is what really cost Democrats and Hillary Clinton the election. And that corruption is still very present in the Democratic party. That culture of corruption allowed Trump to rise. That network of corruption funded the Womens' March. Women are marching to insure soulless women like Hillary Clinton are empowered to undermine democratic elections here and around the world so that we end up with male dictators in power.


Soulless women are equal to soulless men, but soulless men will always win!

The Womens' March demonstrates that it's OK to call corrupt women like Hillary Clinton a feminist leader while ignoring the rape and sexual assault claims made against her husband Bill since he was in college!


Celebrity activists tell us to march! Ignore Bill Clinton's real violence against women and make signs shaming the 53% of white women who didn't vote for his wife Hillary, who is very proud to stand by Bill no matter how many women he has hurt.

March, Ladies, March!

March! Ignore the fact that our newly politicized celebrity leaders need a bullshit media cycle. Ignore that they are rich because for years they were paid to keep women in the dark about the real issues that really affect them.


March or die.

Donald Trump Signature - Handwriting Analysis

Anne Quito does a bang up job describing why Donald Trump's signature looks the way it does. Bravo, Anne! I also want to explain what I am seeing.

What I find utterly fascinating about our new President's signature is all of it.

First of all this signature is the signature of a person obsessed with being seen at the peak of every interaction. This person does not care if they are communicating smoothly. Communicating strength and dominance are absolute priorities to the person with this signature.

It looks like Donald Trump has several "A"s (alphas) in his name although he only has one and that little "a" doesn't even look like an "a". The tail on the "d" at the end of Donald is almost playful until it hacks through the "T" in Trump, which is literally bending over backwards to force itself into a-framed architectural symmetry with the first "D" in Donald and the "p" in Trump.

There is nothing sensuous in this signature. It's brutal and unpleasant and harsh. It wants to be beautiful. It wants to be magnificent. It's just trying way too hard.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Object Lesson In Feminism For Kim K West

Why do I comment on the Kardashians? Because they have made themselves "patient zero" for our sick society and I like to analyze our sick society.

The Kardashians have demanded our attention in every media outlet, all day long, every day, for ten years. They have said, look at us! They have said "Keep Up With Us," They have asserted that they are the leaders and we are the followers and we need to try harder if we are to be more like them. They insist they are the standard we must adhere to and then they spend all their time promoting themselves as money obsessed sex objects. Every public relations move they make is designed to enrich them. They fine tune their message to feed society's insatiable hunger for mindless titillation and greed. To do this they make sure every Kardashian soundbite is well promoted, crafted, nonsense controversy and every Kardashian princess is always perfectly packaged for sex at all times. The baselessness of the Kardashian brand is based on the business model that was used to launch Kim's base and pornographic tape years ago.

Now let's pretend for a minute that this armed robbery of Kim Kardashian was real.

People (including me) are having a hard time having sympathy for Kim after the 'robbery' in Paris. Yes. Intellectually I know that 'what happened' is terrible and I know that she must have feelings, but she has worked really hard at convincing me that her feelings don't matter as long as she looks good. I have not been able to escape her message for a decade. Have you? She is on every damn website, her pictures begging, Please, Just look at me. Look at me. I'm perfect. Everything is perfect as long as I look good. Her husband Kanye Kardashian was joking a few weeks ago, that Kim is Marie Antoinette, heavily promoting his idiotic observation like anyone should want to be compared to Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette got her head chopped off in Paris because people got sick and tired of her perfect life and over-the-top opulence being rubbed in their faces while they starved. But before the mob chopped off Marie's head they stole her shit. 

Raw, robbed and ringless Kim K West is back in L.A. after the 'armed robbery' and not doing so well according to Khloe. Kim is suing a website for saying she faked the robbery (As of Oct. 26th she dropped the lawsuit) while someone else is selling halloween costumes of Kim being robbed. Even Robin Quivers on the Howard Stern Show had to back track and acknowledge that her initial reaction to the robbery was cold and that she was treating Kim like she has no feelings. But it isn't her fault that she forgot Kim has feelings. If a person spends all their time promoting themselves like a designer sex doll draped in diamonds, people are going to forget they have feelings.  Kim has actually gone and spoken in academic settings (while promoting her book "Selfish") and espoused the idea that objectification of women is good as long as they are the ones objectifying themselves. Kim's and her mother's mission to promote the objectification of women since 2006 means women's humanity has been under attack in the media for a decade by Kim, a self professed selfish woman and her mother and now all her sisters. They have infested the entire media landscape with endless photos of themselves in various stages of undressed seduction promoting feminine vanity and sexual objectification and manipulation as virtues. 

But now, finally, Kim can see what happens when you have been made into an object. Perceived objects have no feelings and they get treated accordingly. THIS is why so many people cannot have sympathy for Kim, because THIS is a lesson she needed to learn. THIS is why feminists fight so hard to stop women from being objectified in society,  because objects get manhandled, often violently. Get it now, Kim?

Kim does not get it. She is now promoting emoji's of a diamond ring, her face crying and a pair of hands bound with a black scarf.

Also the concierge's story is changing. Stay tuned for more lies from the Kreepy Kardashian Klan.

Monday, September 12, 2016


A few years ago when I was bored and uninspired by my job I wrote a screenplay called Idle. Now when I am feeling uninspired I play this playlist of music that inspired me to write the script.  While I listen the "movie" I wrote plays out in my mind's eye and I get to enjoy it, just like it really got made. The imagination is a beautiful place to go.

Song: Dies Irae
Artist: Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique 
A.K.A.The theme song from The Shining, 1980
(We see how bored the Devil is. The leader of her soldiers, General Lucius arrives to update her on the political climate of her dominion, Hell)

SCENE 2 / PAGE 2-3
Song: She
Artist: Charles Aznavour
(The Devil storms through Hell, bored as Hell. It’s hard to believe anyone can be bored in such a colorfully, bizarre, terrifying, beautifully grotesque place.)

SCENE 2 - 3 / PAGE 3-4
Song: Oh Heavy Lightness
Artist: Circus Amok
(The Devil is annoyed as The daily Welcome to Hell Parade crosses her path. She has a bitter exchange with the Parade’s Grand Marshall, Alister Crowley. She slams him to the ground face first. She decides to leave Hell and go to Earth. She tells all the doomed souls to “Fuck Off!”)

SCENE 4 - 12 / PAGE 7 - 23
Song: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor for Organ
Artist: Bach
(The Devil emerges in New York City. It’s Christmas. She hates Christmas. She spits in a homeless man’s cup on her way to an Executive Therapy office. The therapist she is going to see, Dr. Adams is considering suicide when the Devil suddenly appears in his office. She forces him to “do therapy” with her. They argue. She won’t leave. He tries to help her and she kills him. The Devil goes back to hell, more miserable than ever.)

SCENE 16  / PAGE 24 - 25
Song: Exile
Artist: Lisa Gerrard
(The Sorceress Morgana, the Devil’s best friend, tells The Devil she must give up her powers to find love.)

SCENE 17 / PAGE 26
Song: Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?
Artist: Rod Stewart
(The Devil holds a contest in Hell to find a lover. Men trapped in Hell reluctantly compete for the Devil’s affection. The Devil offended by their reluctance and fear announces the contest is over, she knows who she loves and she will go get him.)

SCENE 18 and 19 / PAGE 26 - 27
Song: Exile
Artist: Lisa Gerrard
(General Lucius encounters Morgana in the Devil’s throne room, she is wearing the Devil’s crown. He tells her to take it off. She refuses. He goes to fetch his troops to stop Morgana from usurping the Devil’s throne but his troops are all gone.)

SCENE 20 / PAGE 28
Song: Stand By Your Man
Artist: Motorhead 
(The Devil arrives on Earth to dig up the grave of Dr. Adams. When he is free from his grave she tells him she dug him up because he is “The One”. Dr. Adams does not want to be the one. He hates her. They argue. She offers him her powers because she wants him to love her. He is wary of her offer…)

SCENE 20 and 21 / PAGE 32 - 34
Song: Double Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins
Artists: Bach
(Dr Adams takes The Devil’s powers from her and money begins falling from the sky. He is playing with being a God. The Devil is now powerless but she hides this fact from Dr. Adams. She doesn’t want him to use her powers to destroy her.)

SCENE 23 / PAGE 35
Song: No Remorse
Artist: Metallica
(Morgana has taken over Hell. She is wearing the Devil’s crown and torturing people joyfully during the daily Welcome to Hell Parade. It’s a painful, horrific bloodbath. Alister Crowley loves it.)

SCENE 25 / PAGE 35 -39
Song: Fade Into You
Artist: Mazzy Star
(The Devil and Dr. Adams are still in New York, in a bar, discussing his powers. She tries to flirt with him but he isn’t having it. He tells her he needs her to take his powers seriously, he needs her. The Devil falls head over heels in love with Dr. Adams. Together they come up with a plan to save humanity.)

SCENE 26 / PAGE 39 - 41
Song: Exile
Artist: Lisa Gerrard
(Morgana is in Hell using a magical pool to spy on the Devil and Dr. Adams in the bar, planning to save humanity. General Lucius arrives with some demon soldiers to arrest her but she uses her powers to paralyze and enslave him. General Lucius is horrified. Morgana is more powerful than anyone suspected.)

SCENE 28 - 32(33ish) / PAGE 47 - PAGE 53
Song: Gymnopédie No. 1
Artist: Erik Satie
(The Devil and Dr. Adams go camping. He will show her how to enjoy life on Earth.)

SCENE 34 / PAGE 54
Song: Exile
Artists: Lisa Gerrard
(Morgana is in Hell, working on a plan to steal the Devil’s powers from Dr. Adams, she amuses herself torturing General Lucius in the cage. The General tells her her plans will never work when suddenly the portal to Earth opens for Morgana.)

SCENE 36-46 / PAGE 60 - 74
Song: Angel Dust (Not the lyrics, just musical elements)
Artist: Cormega
(Dr. Adams and the Devil get bad news, the orphans they helped have died in a building collapse. They get  into a huge fight over it. Dr. Adams prays to get away from the Devil. An Angel arrives on Earth to save Dr. Adams from the Devil. The Devil doesn’t like this sexy angel.)

SCENE 47 / PAGE 74 - 75
Song: One Dove
Artist: Antony and the Johnsons
(Dr. Adams betrays the Devil and abandons her to leave with the Angel. He kisses her on the forehead before he goes.)

SCENE 48, 49 / PAGE 75 -77
Song: Crazy In Love
Artist: Eminem
(The Devil realizes Dr. Adams betrayed and abandoned her. She must get him back. She must not let him kiss that Angel and give her powers away forever. She gets arrested and deported.)

SCENE 50-51 / PAGE 77 - 78
Song: One Dove
Artist: Antony and the Johnsons
(Dr. Adams realizes he made a mistake. He misses the Devil)

SCENE 52, 53, 54 / PAGE 78 - 79
An Eminem Version of La Cucaracha
(The Devil is trapped in Mexico and trying to get back to America to find Dr. Adams.)

SCENE 55 / Page 79 - 80
Song: One Dove
Artist: Antony and the Johnsons
(The Devil crosses the desert sees the spirit of a little orphan boy and she becomes human.)

SCENE 56 - 58 / PAGE 80 - 82
Song: The Long Way Home
Artist: Norah Jones
(The Devil hitches a ride in a truck with General Lucius. She is saved from the desert but gets stuck in Las Vegas and becomes a waitress.)

SCENE 59,60, 61,62,63,64,65,66,67 / PAGE 82 - 86
Song: I Will Always Love You
Artist: Whitney Houston
(The Devil finally gets back to New York, and she is immediately arrested and institutionalized.)

SCENE 68 / PAGE 86
Song: Fade Into You
Artist: Mazzy Star
(Dr Adams is camping alone in the woods. He is trying to figure out how to find the Devil. He has an idea.)

SCNE 69, 70, 71, 72, 73 / PAGE 86
Christmas Music
(The Devil is homeless in NYC. She gives up her bed in the shelter to a woman and baby. The woman hugs her. The Devil hugs her back. She is now doing good deeds all on her own. She convinces the stranded homeless people to go camping with her.)

SCENE 73 / PAGE 90 - 91
Song: Carmina Burana: O Fortuna
Artist: Carl Orff
(The Devil and the homeless people are having fun camping. One of the homeless men looks familiar… Suddenly the Angel appears in the woods, she is there to kill the Devil, but something goes wrong, The Devil survives the attack and she realizes the Angel is no angel)

SCENE 81 / PAGE  97
Song: Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major, BWV 1068: Air
Artist: Bach
(Dr. Adams finds out the Devil is on Earth! He goes to find her to tell her he loves her.)

SCENE 82 / PAGE 98
Song: Riddle Of Steel/Riders Of Doom
Artist: Basil Poledouris
(The Demon Army arrives with Morgana to destroy Earth!)

SCENE 83 A / PAGE 99 - 103
Song: Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major, BWV 1068: Air
Artist: Bach
(Dr. Adams pretends to be an injured hiker to test the Devil one last time.)

SCENE 83 B / PAGE 103
Song: Riddle Of Steel/Riders Of Doom
Artist: Basil Poledouris
(Morgana arrives to kill the Dr, the Devil, and destroy Earth once and for all. A battle ensues, and just when all hope is lost The Dr. kisses the Devil, she gets her powers back and destroys the demon army and sends Morgana to the abyss. Earth is saved.)

SCENE 85 / PAGE 109 - 112
Song: Muzak version of Crazy In Love
Artist: Eminem
(A mass murder is waiting for his fate in the reception area in Hell. The Devil and Dr. Adams have fun bringing him into their office to tell him his punishment for killing so many innocent people.)


Closing Credits Music:

Brand New Day
Della Reese

Living On A Prayer

Bon Jovi

Saturday, August 27, 2016


By Sara Cazim

Every day the news is reporting somewhere in America a female teacher is having sex with her young students. Today is no different. Justice dodging educator Dee Rangedslut was let out of the big house and has already been spied by various people walking by a playground, a children's shoe store and a toy shop promising a guaranteed Pokemon sighting. Rangedslut admitted during a press conference earlier today that being in jail for having sex with one of her students has done little to diminish her sex drive and one wonders if the punishment for seducing an innocent eighth grade boy was severe enough. “She should never see the light of day.”, one boy's mother cried. “People like this don’t change. You know what she said? She said, 'the heart wants what it wants.' She's disgusting. I had a child in her class. I want to break her head open. Believe it! We should be using scarlet letters in this country. Shaming people on social media is not slowing any one down.”

Probation officers will likely have their hands full with  a predator like Ms. Rangedslut. Her newly created facebook page lists her favorite movies as: Cloak and Dagger, Harry Potter, Home Alone, Home Alone 2, The Bad News Bears, Richie Rich and L.I.E.. Her favorite musician according to her online profile is Michael Junior and she already has 15 Facebook posts lamenting that she never had a chance to meet the young Belgian crooner when he was really young. “She will be a handful for a less experienced P.O.”, officer Kennedy explained. “A teacher is a smart person. A smart person can always be a big problem for law enforcement.”

Meanwhile faculty at the school wonder what ever happened to her young victim, Johnny Doe. “It’s really very sad. I heard he became the world's youngest Chippendale’s dancer, shamelessly glistening under hot lights while gyrating for desperate housewives and drunk bachelorettes.”, one of Rangedslut’s former colleagues said. Another teacher disagreed, “No that isn’t true. I heard the kid is studying to be a lawyer because he wants to protect other young boys from being seduced by sexy women who are way too old and mentally ill for them.” A third former colleague rolled her eyes. “He isn’t going to be a lawyer. He’s going to be a carnival worker. That’s what happens to victims of crazed sluts.”

Pornography addicts seem to be the only people pleased with Rangedslut’s recent release. “She didn’t do anything wrong. She was an amazing teacher. She taught Johnny things that all boys want to learn but don’t know they want to learn until they learn it. If you are asking me what I think should happen to this woman, I think she should be elected President of the United States or at least President of the  Boys & Girls club of America.”

Playboy Magazine subscriber Matt Sturbater agrees with other Dee Rangedslut supporters. “There is no such thing as a boy being too young for a good sex education. Howard Stern was just saying the other day that he had a Playboy subscription since he was about 13 and he is totally fine.” Someone claiming to be Howard Stern’s psychiatrist disagrees. “I see Howard about three times a week. I was seeing him four days a week until recently. Howard’s parents getting him a subscription to Playboy when he was so young screwed him up big time. He was just a little boy and having page after page of older voiceless, smiling ladies getting totally naked for his pleasure gave him the impression that just because he is a man he is entitled to women who are physically perfect, complaint free, and at his service.”

Women’s rights activists weigh in during a public rally to put Rangedslut back behind bars because they don't want her living in a city that has young boys in it. “Dee Rangedslut is a disgrace to women everywhere. She should be illegal. Perverts are the problem and female perverts are just as bad as male perverts. Female perverts just get pregnant and make more perverts. It’s a never ending cycle of creepy, weirdness that must be stopped if we are ever going to have an equal society like we do in the future as depicted in Star Trek. In Star Trek everyone is equal, unless you are an alien.”

Child development specialist and author Yvonne Mojica who authored the book, “May December Mayhem: A Look At Sexual Child Abuse In American Schools” frowns deeply when asked her opinion about Rangedslut. “Dee Rangedslut is a classic pedophile. She sees herself as the victim and Father Time as the villain. If I had to make any predictions I would guess that Dee Rangedslut is probably online, right now, looking for Johnny Doe’s contact info so that they can finally be together. She will reach out to him in hopes of rekindling “their romance.” I hope that the bouncers at the club where he supposedly dances for money know how to handle a predator as persistent as this woman. Delusions about love can make a normal woman do irrational things. What it does to an abnormal woman, who is in love with a little boy with a bowl haircut... that is too crazy to measure.”

Schools all over the city are on high alert. Warning posters of Dee Rangedslut are plastered all over video game stores and ice cream parlors. Cops in New Jersey have been told to keep an eye out for her at Great Adventure although news reports claim the Jersey officers laughed and tore up the memos. “Are they kidding me? There are way worse criminals out there. Does anyone realize that Tony Soprano lives in New Jersey? This lady is no danger to any man unless she wants to get married.”

Whether or not Dee Rangedslut is still a danger to boys is yet to be seen. Finding a job will be hard for her unless there are rich parents who want a masseuse for their young sons. Hopefully the sicko teacher will learn a valuable lesson: It’s not right for a teacher to pet the teachers pet. Society shouldn't stand for it. Our children deserve frigid teachers.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Dear Dollface

So, I just read this sad, angry, woman's essay "about feminism" on yahoo.

She is blaming feminism because she is the sole breadwinner in her family. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is this: she somehow ended up working a job that doesn't pay well, that she doesn't like, while raising kids she had with a guy who refuses to work and snowboards all week while she's at work. During her lunch break she does the grocery shopping for her family. In the morning before work she drops the kids off at day care, that she is paying for. After work she picks them up from day care and brings them home to cook dinner for her family, including her husband. Her husband, who refuses to get a job, doesn't do shit but snowboard and complain when his kids get sick and need their daddy to stay home with them. He'd rather be snowboarding than helping his sick kids feel better.

This young woman thinks her husband's behavior is a generational thing. She thinks somehow her husband's behavior might have been acceptable in the 1960's. She blames feminism for the fact that she decided to financially support and breed with a worthless man who has no ambition or soul.

This is the advice I gave her. I think it's very good advice:

Dear Dollface, 

Your husband is a total LOSER by every generations' standards.
Don't know what brand of feminism you adhere to but it sounds like you've embraced a bizzaro-world version created by manipulative male losers who need a sap with low self-esteem to support them.

Feminism taught me to dump losers and stay 100% single unless I meet someone who is willing to sacrifice as much as he is willing to take. This insures that if any children come along they will be raised knowing how a great man conducts himself.

Dump this f-ing dude, he is not a man, he is a worthless slug, and stop complaining. You've gotten addicted to blaming him for your low self esteem as a way of denying that you have low self-esteem. If you really believed in yourself you would not tolerate his careless, immature, laziness for two seconds. You wouldn't even be able to look at his lazy face without throwing up.

A little harsh but this woman needs to wake up, ASAP she is dragging several kids into their mess. We don't need any more losers in the future. We have enough already.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Do President Obama and Hillary Clinton Control The Media?

It is obvious to many of us that Bernie Sanders was pushed out of the primary by traitors in the corrupt democratic party with the help of the main stream media who created the false impression that Bernie was losing the primary to Hillary, and should drop out because he would have no chance in the general election.
I found this list of Obama and Hillary's ties to the main stream media on Instagram and can't remember where to give credit. I'm re-posting here because people seem to think it's impossible for a political party to control the media. Here is proof that Hillary Clinton and Obama have many friends in all the right places to control the political narrative about the election using the main stream media.
Blood Loyalty:
NBC Senior Deputy Political Editor Mark Murray is married to Obama appointee Sasha Johnson (who also worked for CNN), who is chief of staff at the FAA.
ABC News Executive Producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.
CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications and is an Advisor on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran.
ABC News Correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney
ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama's Deputy Press Secretary
ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama's Special Adviser Elizabeth 
CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton's Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
Associated but not related:
ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos, Clinton’s White House Communications Director and press secretary 
PBS Chief of Staff Julie Anbender, Clinton’s Deputy Director of OPA and DOJ
Comcast-ABC Senior VP, Government Affairs Meredith Baker, Bush’s and Obama’s Commissioner, FCC 
CNN News Correspondent, Yul Kwon, Obama’s Deputy Chief CGAB, FCC
PBS Host, Yul Kwon, Obama’s Deputy Chief CGAB, FCC
CNN Department Assignment Manager, Joe Lockhart, Clinton’s Press Secretary 
CBS VP, Corporate Communications, Lisa Caputo, Clinton’s Press Secretary, First Lady’s Office.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Obama's Legacy and The Corrupt State of Our Union

This week Wikileaks released thousands of DNC emails revealing the corrupt depravity of the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign. You won't hear about it in the mainstream news, it won't be in the newspaper, it will only be reported by millions of people around the world, who are writing to each other, and blogging, and vlogging. A few rich media moguls and the politicians who hide behind them keep pretending people are not mad as hell. They keep acting like a revolution won't happen if they just ignore it.

Wikileaks revealed that in a desperate effort to stop Bernie Sanders from securing the Democratic nomination the Hillary camp did not try to win the nomination by telling voters what is good about Hillary. Instead the Democratic Party worked with the Clinton campaign to spread lies on the internet, plant false narratives in the main stream press, and trigger an outburst of anti-semitism in the south. While millions of Americans got off the couch, took time off work and spent their hard earned money working around the clock to tell people the truth about the virtues of Candidate Sanders and how electing him will benefit the nation, Hillary Clinton's wealthy donors paid for people to pretend they support Hillary. They hired fake supporters who were tasked with going on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook to create the impression Hillary had passionate supporters. They paid liars to tell genuine Bernie supporters how they were making a mistake by supporting Bernie Sanders. The company spreading this bullshit is called Correct The Record.

While all this was happening, the F.B.I. was supposedly conducting two criminal investigations on Hillary Clinton. The first for her deletion of government emails that she sent on her private server and the second was investigating the ties between the State Department and lucrative payments the Clintons received from International leaders via their "charity" the Clinton Foundation. Then just as the first investigation was wrapping up Bill Clinton had a private meeting with Loretta Lynch the U.S. Attorney General who would be responsible with prosecuting Hillary if the F.B.I. deemed she had broken the law. Bill initiated the meeting by showing up at an airport to climb on Lynch's plane. The F.B.I. told reporters on the scene they were not allowed to take pictures of this corrupt behavior. Then a few days later, Comey, the head of the F.B.I. said "no reasonable prosecutor" would take action against Clinton. Comey also admitted in a bizarre press statement that even though Hillary Clinton broke several laws in a multitude of deliberate ways the F.B.I. will not recommend prosecution even though they have and will continue to prosecute others who conduct themselves the way Hillary did while she was Secretary of State. Lynch not wanting to appear unreasonable did nothing. The second F.B.I. investigation, well I think we know how that will turn out.

Then our smiling, backstabbing, hypocritical President Barack Obama, you know, the liar who promised America "hope and change", well, that charlatan went around the world telling international leaders that everything is fine in America. Leaders meanwhile told their tourists to be very careful when traveling the the U.S. because it is violent and unstable. People around the world can see for themselves that liars and thieves have taken over our Democracy and that Americans are pissed, armed to the teeth and determined to take our Democracy back. They see innocent unarmed Americans continue to get killed by overworked, paranoid, cops and innocent cops in turn getting killed by disenfranchised, fed-up, angry people. 

Our POTUS came back home from lying to international leaders to tell us how he is sick and tired of all of the mass shootings. Then he flew back to more stable lands to grin like a lunatic who cannot bear to face the fact that he is the biggest fucking American liar around. He smiles and pretends his corrupt political relationships are not directly connected to the increasing violence and current political turmoil here in America. He smiles and pretends law enforcement is not corrupt while the FBI admits Hillary Clinton is a criminal and he endorses that criminal to be our next President. He smiles and pretends we have a Democracy even though he helped the DNC and Hillary Clinton rig the primaries. He smiles and pretends he will have a legacy worth leaving when he exits the White House but the truth is he will go down in history as a vile, despicable, traitor. He will be known as the President who came to power because We The People loved him and believed in him before he betrayed us, destroyed our Democracy and fed our future to the wolves.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

TOO LATE! - The Selfish Rage of Christy Sheats

Women who kill their children are not born crazy. Sometimes despair and poverty send them over the edge and they commit murder suicide in the hellish depths of depression and fear. But Christy Sheats was not poor, and she had a husband who loved her daughters and was trying to work it out with her. Sheats was a different kind of danger all together.

Mothers like Christy Sheats often have a deep rage and desire for revenge against their kids and the men who fathered their kids. These women try to be good mothers but not because they love their children or their husband but because they want devotion from the children, and the father of the children, and praise from everyone else they encounter for being a great mom. The act of loving sacrifice and motherhood is not something these women can really express or enjoy. They go through the motions, and the really vain ones are almost convincing. The happy family image they present to the world is an extension of their beauty ritual and fashion statement. Christy Sheats is the poster child for these kinds of dangerous, artificial moms.

Artificial moms go through the lifelong masquerade of 'loving mother', always ready to snap and destroy their family. Many times they are bitter because they have career, financial or romantic ambitions that are unfulfilled. Sometimes the misery that colors everything they do is because they allowed social pressure to influence their decision to be a mother before they were ready. Sometimes the anger is because they feel "stuck" with a man they never really felt passionate about in the first place. Sometimes they had the kids just to control the father and keep him in their life, they know his commitment to his children will force him to stay connected to her. These are the women who should not be mothers and they are everywhere. They control their family with emotional blackmail, domestic violence, suicidal threats and homicidal promises to steal the joy from the family, to punish the children "he made" for loving him, and to destroy the father for loving them too.

Once upon a time I knew a family with a lot of daughters and their mother held them hostage with her manipulative emotional games. Luckily for them she was more into wine than guns so her selfishness manifested in her passing out next to a box of wine in her favorite chair. Her family felt guilty that they benefitted when she was comatose from her anger-induced drinking binges. They felt guilty that they could live in peace for a little while. This woman wanted the love of her family but did very little to inspire it or to create a life for her children that they could feel safe in. She smiled when she opened the door to invite you in, and then once inside her home she pouted about every perceived snub, complained about her own shortcomings without doing much to remedy them, threw insults at her children and husband whenever she could, undermining his kindness at every turn with her unimpressed, bitter acknowledgements of him and his efforts. And when guests were not present the tantrums were violent and loud and terrifying. The daughters often wished their dad could just get away from her, but they understood why he stayed, their mom was totally helpless without him, and unloveable and self-destructive in almost every way. No one else would be coming to save her from herself. It would have to be him.

This mother I describe was not the only woman I knew like this, but my exposure to women like this freaked me out for life. I have known one too many women on the verge of being Christy Sheats, Andrea Yates, and Hedda Nussbaum and one too many fathers who leave their children behind with women like these. Bad parents made a huge impact on my decision not to be a mother, they made parenthood seem like the most wretched, horrific thing that could ever happen to a person and I want to be happy and make people in my life feel happy. The partner you need to be a good parent has to be someone you would do any loving, kindness for because they would do any loving, kindness for you. What 's the point of bringing life into the world just to make people miserable or trap a man into fatherhood to avoid being alone? Why be persuaded to get pregnant by society or a biological clock or a church or a man or happily breeding friends. Motherhood is the hardest job in the world. The love you need to have in your heart, for yourself and for your mate, to do it right is a rare gift. When you hear the 911 calls Christy Sheats' daughters made before they were murdered by their mom, and you hear them begging for their life, and you hear her husband and their father promising to do whatever he can to make her happy, and she yells, "Too Late!" several times before shooting her daughters to death, you understand what these murders are really about.

Christy Sheats was an asshole. She was not crazy. She was just a vain, selfish, bitch, who thought she deserved more, in a world that rewards people for being vain, selfish, bitches, and she loved her guns. Her guns made her feel powerful when taking a million selfies and putting them online wasn't getting her the ego boost she needed to feel like she could make an impact in the world. She held a grudge against her family, she blamed them for not making her happy. Her grudge finally exploded into murder.

Even the moms that make it look easy on Facebook are sometimes the worst moms of all.

Monday, June 20, 2016


According to this #HillaryClinton supporter in Canada, what happens in the country I live in is none of my business. I retweeted a link about election fraud in Arizona, that someone else tweeted, he wrote to me first, then accuses me of bothering him, even though he follows me and can block me at any time. LMFAO

Friday, May 27, 2016


And the main stream media is finally starting to acknowledge it:

And the ONLY reason the Democratic Party is not panicking is because we have a great American like Bernie Sanders ready to lead us to a future we can all believe in.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Repulsive Response to Hillary Clinton's AIPAC Speech

So I was on and decided to annotate Hillary Clinton's AIPAC speech. I chose to annotate this speech because I was alarmed by the tone. In my opinion it is a speech that reveals she and Benjamin Netanyahu are going to start war with Iran, as well as escalate the violence against Palestinians in Israel, if she gets elected.

And of course, I wound up pissing off a really nice person and this person sent me some messages. So I am going to put the reaction here, with my responses, because I think it is all very educational and explains a lot about why we cannot resolve the conflicts in the Middle East. I will call the person who was offended by my annotations "Nice Person"

Click to read my annotations on Hillary Clinton's AIPAC speech to put this conversation below in context.

NICE PERSON (responds to my first annotation):
Where do you get this information? Do some research about Israel and its contribution to the world in medicine, technology, literature, before spewing this venom!
You sound here no better than the Elders of Zion (look it up!)

NICE PERSON (responds to my second annotation):
Absolute nonsense. Hatred is not the right base for annotaiions. This is not “talkback” alley!

NICE PERSON (sends me a private message):
Sorry from ahead for the negative tone.

I found your remarks about Israel more than appalling. You fall into the narrative of hateful anti Israelis, aligning yourself with the darkest voices in US and world politics.

As I mentioned publicly – do some research; study the Middle East, its history and the achievements of Israel and Israeli scientists, medical field personnel, literature and humanistic activities all over the world.

Netanyahu does not represent Israelis, who by and large (including me) detest him.

Still, Israel with all its problems is by far a better place to live than any Arab countries, and many others, including for Arabs!

If you let your hatred and extreme biases guide your annotations, you lose their effect and respect of those who read your words, whether they agree or disagree with you.

Very disappointed,

Nice Person (Yes, I am Israeli, and a proud one).

I am so sorry that you feel this way. Truly I am. Haven’t seen your public comments yet. I appreciate that you are sharing your opinion with me.

Not sure if you have ever heard of Miko Peled but he is a wonderful Israeli peace activist and if you have any interest in seeing one of my Israeli heroes in action I would invite you to check out his videos online. He is pure love and he opened my eyes and I will always be eternally grateful to him for his courageous voice in this world.

With all my heart, I promise you I am not trying to be hateful or disrespect a race of people. Maybe it seems that way but I am being critical of the way the Israel is functioning under Netanyahu’s leadership.

I know that Netanyahu is not the Israeli people. I am so aware of that. :( I am trying to show that Hillary’s AIPAC speech is very dangerous and that she is manipulating people and advocating for war with Iran and that Netanyahu is on board with what she is saying. I am trying to stop the war she is setting up that will keep Israelis and Palestinians living in a war zone.

Please try and see that I do not hate anything but war and I am trying to take people between the lines of what Hillary is saying in her speech so that no more lives are lost to stupid wars when we are all part of the same beautiful, miraculous species. We are all deserving to live in harmony with each other and to share this planet lovingly with each other.

I love all people I do not want Jewish people to be used as weapons of colonization by the zionist extremists that are contaminating the country and the world. I have done a great deal of research in the last 6 years about what is going on in the region and it shocked me to see how violently we are spinning our wheels and getting no where because of this one-sided way casting one race of people as the good guys and one as the bad. Frankly I find it offensive to say that Israel is a better place to live than in an Arab country because it is certainly not a better place to live for Palestinians. And there is no reason to position one nation as a superior culture when we all have so much to learn from each other.

I love that you are proud to be Israeli, I am proud to be American. Both of our countries' citizens have contributed so many glorious, life sustaining things to society. But I am ashamed and furious at how American militarism is contaminating the world and spreading fear and death everywhere when we could be spreading love and community. I have to speak out against my country to heal what I think is unforgivably wrong with how we are doing things.

I am not driven by hate, I am driven by hope that if we can all really look at what is truly happening we can stop war, so we can have peace.

Like I said, I appreciate that you are sharing your opinion with me. Hopefully you will check out Miko Peled and maybe you will be able to see where I am coming from.

Nothing you said above changed my opinion. Hatred and disrespect is all I got from your annotations.
I was disgusted by the images you posted, and underinmpressed by the lack of factual information, citations and basic research of the subject. After reading the first annotations I did not expect to see any attempt to treat the subject seriously and you indeed lived down to my lack of expectations.

You definitely insulted all Israelis, Incite against them and paint the nation in a very dark colors, that with all their (our ) faults, still try to minimize death and casualties, especially civilians, in the ongoing conflicts.

I wouldn’t waste my time trying to educate you; that will be hopeless. I do think that you will be hurting the site with such a diatribe via “annotations”, and I am washing my hands away from you.

You need to look well in the mirror and try to find out why you hate Hillary so much, and to what end this negative emotion led you.

Thanks, 'Nice Person'. I appreciate your feedback.

It is obvious that your pathological hatred of Hillary Clinton is the driving power behind your diatribes. I sincerely hope that you get help for this.

Again. I am sorry that you are offended. War is offensive and those who resist it are usually painted as mentally ill in an effort to discredit them. Your diagnosis of my need for help is not surprising. I suggest you watch the videos of Miko Peled. Perhaps his delivery of the truth will be easier for you to hear.

I am less offended than disappointed – of you, and my misjudgment of you. f you had bothered to do the minimal research on a subject you wasted so much time on, and had you been more open minded, you have been able open to other views of the conflict. It is laughable when you say that you do not hate Israelis and Americans showing the images that you do openly accusing both nations of atrocities.

Miko Peled is a known figure, one of a minuscule number of vehemently anti Zionist Israelis (have you ever looked the term up? Do you have any clue what it means?), whose opinions and ideas are at best ridiculed by anyone who is familiar with the middle east conflict.

Just as I don’t waste my breath on Palin voters, I shouldn’t waste it on you – the left equivalent of the delusionary right.

Again. I am truly sorry you’re disappointed, 'Nice Person'.

You are very passionate about your views and I love that and appreciate your anger and they way you are challenging me. You are right. I do believe with all of my heart that both nations are guilty of atrocities. That is why those pictures are so upsetting to me as well. I still remember the day I first allowed myself to really look and listen and really see what is going on in the conflict. I cried all day. I could not believe I let my country convince me that what we were doing was justified in any way. What is happening is horrific and I care just as much about how the Israeli people are being denied the true magnitude of their loving brilliance by being forced to live in a police state. They are being denied warm relations with their neighbors so that the Architects of war can move borders for corporate and political dominance of the region.

My views are based on years of research and soul searching. My eyes were opened by people who first offended me. I now can see how beautiful life can be for everyone in the region and on the planet if we take the first step and admit that what we are doing now is not working. It is not loving. It is not right. It is beneath all of us. It is totally unacceptable. The human race is too magnificent to waste it’s time destroying itself. We are one people. All of us, made from the same miracles. We are all brothers and sisters and I don’t want any of my brothers and sisters to live in fear of one another.

You are a good person. I know that by how warmly you welcomed me here and how loved you are here. I really am so sorry that I have touched this nerve in you. I don’t want to make you more upset. I admire you for being a courageous person who is not afraid of intellectual debate.

As I said – I have no interest in engaging Palin and Trump voters, and in my mind you fall into this category, which I find repulsive.

Good luck in whatever you do.

Sorry my heartfelt message inspired you call me repulsive.

Good luck to you too.

You earned this title all by yourself.