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Wednesday, September 12, 2001

September 12, 2001

The smoke at the World Trade Center can be seen from the subway station in Borough Park, Brooklyn where I caught the train to go see the aftermath of September 11th.

The fires burned until December which is not normal.

Seeing this picture gave me chills. I do not remember going the the Hachette offices before going downtown on September 12th but I did and for some reason I took a picture of the reception area and then I left.
The reason this is so unusual is because Brooklyn is closer to downtown, and why I went all the way to midtown just to head back down is strange. Hachette is where I worked. It is where the offices of George Magazine were. It is the place where I heard the voice of JFK jr. speak to me when I was in a meeting in his old office. During the meeting I was asking the Hachette executives to allow me to digitally archive George and keep it going online as a website.

The irony of this billboard the day after Sept. 11th was too much to ignore.

The smoke as seen from about 14th street.

Ash covered everything.

No more survivors sent ambulances away.

In the background on the right is Fraunces Tavern, where George Washington went after the revolution to celebrate the victory with some of his men and thank them for thier sacrifice. It is a bar and a museum. Is there any more glorious combination of businesses in the world?

How many of these young soldiers died in the wars that followed this disaster?

The Earth does not need our violent, stupid asses. It will go on without us, if it must.

Happy Birthday America, this is the new U.

As I was taking pictures of these personal artifacts I noticed pipes wrapped in rubber bands. I don't know shit about making bombs but I feel like I have seen that in some crime show, that homemade bombs are usually a series of pipes tethered together, filled with explosives that send the deadly shrapnel out to kill upon detonation. It could be nothing but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a pic in case it was something.

This thing was weird too. A bunch of metal bits deliberately wound and locked together. What was this thing once and why?

Tha Staten Island Ferry station was turned into an emergency room. But it was September 12th and no more survivors would ever be found.

The view of the smoke and the missing buildings from the Staten Island Ferry.