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Friday, March 7, 2003


From The Terror Timeline by Paul Thompson and the Center for Cooperative Research

February - March 20, 2003: Stories About PNAC Global Domination Agenda Gets Some Media Coverage:

With War against Iraq imminent, numerous media outlets finally begin reporting on PNAC's role in influencing Iraq policy specifically, and U.S. foreign policy generally. PNAC's plans for global domination had been noted before 9/11(Washington Post 8/21/01), and PNAC's 2000 report recommending the conquest of Saddam Hussein is not in power was first reported on in September 2002 (Sunday Herald 9/7/02), but there are few follow-ip mentions until February 2003. (Exceptions:Atlanta Journal and Constitution 9/29/02, Bangor Daily News 10/18/02, New Statesman 12/16/02) Many of these articles use PNAC to suggest that global and regional domination is the real reason for the Iraq war. Coverage increases as war gets nearer, but many media outlets still fail to do any reporting on this and some of the reporting that is done is not prominently placed (a New York Times article on the topic was placed in the Arts Section! - New York Times 3/11/03) One Newsweek editorial notes that "not until the last few days" before war have many reasons against the war been bought up. It calls this "too little, too late" to make an impact.(Newsweek 3/18/03)

Articles that discuss PNAC before war begins:
Philadelphia Daily News 1/27/03
New York Times 2/1/03
Bergen Record 2/23/03
PBS Frontline 2/20/03
Observer 2/23/03
Der Spiegel 1/4/03
ABC News 3/5/03
Salon 3/5/03
Independent 3/8/03
Mother Jones 3/03
BBC 3/2/03
Toronto Star 3/9/03
ABC News 3/10/03
Australian Broadcast Corp. 3/10/03
CNN 3/10/03
Guardan 3/11/03
New York Times 3/11/03
American Prospect 3/12/03
Chicago Tribune 3/12/03
Globe and Mail 3/14/03
Japan Times 3/14/03
Sydney Morning Herald 3/15/03
Salt Lake Tribune 3/15/03
Minneapolis Star Tribune 3/16/03
Observer 3/16/03
Sunday Herald 3/16/03
Toronto Star 3/16/03
Canadian Broadcasting Corp. 3/17/03
Globe and Mail 3/19/03
Asia Times 3/20/03
The Age 3/20/03

This was content from The Terror Timeline by Paul Thompson
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