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Monday, October 17, 2011

Professional Stalker - Marshall Mathers on 30 Rock

People who know me know I am obsessed with Eminem. When I start a new graphic design job the first thing I do is hang a picture of Eminem over my desk. Colleagues know that I do not wear business casual, I wear an Eminem shirt or hat or both and I never leave home without my Eminem Ring.  While working I sneak in as many references to Eminem, Marshall Mathers, or Slim Shady into my work, as I can get away with on camera.

These are some graphics I made for season 5 of 30 Rock so you can see how a professional stalker operates. My boss needed some signage for a Jet Ski sales display. She gave me her sketch (below) with my notes in red, and I made her some graphics to fit. I was excited that I could get Marshall's name BIG and GIGANTIC on the set without anyone noticing.

And because I am not the only Stan out there other Stans might be amused to notice this: The number of the model of the jet ski is a reference to 8 for 8 Mile and XM45 is a reference to Eminem's station on Sirius XM - Shade45.

Feel the power of Marshall, baby!