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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taking Apart the 30 ROCK Graphics Office

Mike Pantuso had the great idea to capture us dismantling our office on 30 ROCK using TIme Lapse photography.

See photos of this office here:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Well Regulated Militia, Dammit!

Gun ownership is a constitutional right that demands sobriety, responsibility and accountability if it is to be any good for this country. The NRA is too drunk with entitlement to see that their community is too macho, arrogant and paranoid to regulate itself properly. 

This last maniac, who killed over 20 humans, big and small, in a school is the last straw, right, America? This is the last fucking time we should be hearing about this kind of senseless mass murdering, right? Definitely not, if the NRA has their way. Why is arming mass murderers the cost of living in a free country? WHY? Guns are not making anyone safer. We are all one movie ticket away from having our head blown off by a disgruntled, lazy, stupid, grandiose nutjob. 

The champions of gun ownership, the NRA, are being such stone headed tools that they refuse to recognize that if they really want to protect the right to bear arms they must redesign the gun culture to inspire young gun owners to approach gun ownership with a sense of maturity and decency for the entire community at large! The gun industry is too greedy to stop letting these dangerous military machines fall into the hands of lunatics and criminals. The whiskey stinking romance they have with these guns is so desperate and so craven and it stinks like puke and is totally permeating and disintegrating any social fabric this screwed up country has left. Why can't any of these tough guys imagine a world where they are brave enough to leave the house without a gun on their hip and one in their vehicle and one at their job and a few extra big ones in the garage, just in case? How many steel penises does a politically paranoid, weak-willed muther fucker need to strap to himself before he feels like a man? 

This last guy, who killed all the little kids, he had no reason to do what he did, none at all, and he also had no history of ever being mentally stable enough to be a gun owner. So his mom danced around the law and let him use guns that were registered to her. She IGNORED THE LAW because she saw her gun rights as an individual right, but gun rights are NOT an individual right, gun rights are a community right. We the people have the right to a well regulated militia, and the right for the people to be protected by an armed and well regulated militia shall not be infringed upon. The second amendment is not a right that belongs to any one person. That's why every decision regarding the use or distribution of guns must be made in the interest and service of a peaceful and safe community for all citizens. The community who licensed Adam Lanza's mother to own and use guns trusted her to make sure that she was the only one who used those guns and she betrayed the community and the community paid dearly for her betrayal. Luckily for her she didn't get to see what a bad decision that was. 

The gun rights we have, as afforded us by the Constitution, need to be respected and the loss of any innocent life is too great to be ignored. Every single gun can kill every single one of us. None of us have the right to play God and wipe any of us out. The NRA cannot allow so many martyrs to their cause. They cannot prevent the loss of innocent lives with soulless bravado, regurgitated slogans, and boorish machismo. They need to grow the fuck up and start acting like people who are willing to do whatever they can to protect innocent children like our President is trying to do if they want to maintain legitimacy in the eyes of the people moving forward. It is time for the NRA to show that they are serious about the rights of the community, it is time for them to prove they are true guardians of these rights by enforcing them peacefully by working with the President to keep us all safe from the tyranny of guns.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thanks, Professor! Lesson One: Live, Learn, Listen, Create, Share, Repeat, Never Stop

My head almost exploded when I read the news of the world today. But now is not the time to complain or get violently angry. I must transform my rage and become a useful member of civilization. 

It's time to live and learn and listen and CHOOSE JOY like that silly idiot that I was when I created this journal entry below...






Create anything that doesn't require a hazmat suit to dispose of, and the world will thank you.


Create anything that doesn't require food or hugs to live and no one will get hurt. 

As you were.

Monday, January 14, 2013

My Personal Punk Rock Professor

Getting my PHD in
The Art and Science of Transforming Rage. 
My new textbooks and instructional videos have arrived.

- Salvatore Quasimodo

Fuck... I need to get more bookshelves.

“I am ready for whatever's coming. I expect nothing but to be let down or turned away. I am alone. Goddamn. The shit hurts sometimes, but I realize what I am, what I have become. The alien man waved his arms up and down and noticed that he couldn't wave in the right language so he stopped.” - Henry Rollins

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Graphic Goodbye to 30 ROCK

For seven years I was the lead graphic designer on 30 ROCK.
For most of seasons 1-4
 I was the only graphic designer on 30 ROCK.
This is where I worked.

This is the door to my office on 30 ROCK.
I have a corner office.
The Teamsters are right next door.
I curse more.
"You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like Heaven." - Jimi Hendrix
Next to Jimi: A short bio of the assassinated activist, Fred Hampton.
Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island, Me and Roseanne at her book signing,
Tina on a toilet with a rubber chicken up her butt and beer wrapped around her head,
Beetlejuice from the Stern Show and Los Angeles Gangster Girls also
welcome you to My World.
My co-workers could not decide if I was the
Ghostface Killah, Kanye West or Michael Buble of Graphics.
They finally decided I am the Travis Bickle of Graphics. 

You are now inside my office, with the door closed.
No one can hear you scream.

That's me in that Crime Stoppers Poster we made for set.
Layout by Mike Pantuso.

Rum label by Mike Pantuso. Rum by Captain Morgan.

That I Got Mugged pamphlet
is available to read on
I wrote all the copy except for the title.

Always give from the heart.
Friendly enough.
Caricature of Jack Donaghy by Kevin Ladson.

You can read one of my fake Page Sixes on this blog if you scroll back a few posts.
I am far more vicious than the New York Post

Garter boxes say, "If I get married... ...four times."

Underneath my cry for help is a design for a board game that I designed,
called No Problem. The goal of the game is to fix as many of the
world's problems as you can. Whoever fixes the most wins.
This is my cry for help.

Jane has been brave enough to hang out with me in this
crazy room several times over the years.
She is The BEST!
Fake kiddie magazine cover that my printer was playing with.
Stop staring at me and get back to WORK! - Don Geiss

This is how we decorate in the Knuckle Beach Playground.
Graffiti on Bruce Willis' face.

Tina Fey, Black Jesus. Paul Giamatti
and a classic NBC star whose name escapes me.
30 ROCK has been my religion, Tina and the writers, my Gods.
That's a real 1950's picture of a real bride showing some leg on her wedding day.
This is where my Partner in crime, Mike Pantuso sits.
He gracefully accepted the walls he inherited when he came on board.

That is a first draft photoshop of Tracy and the NASA Astronauts.
I made that for the REAL NASA Astronauts!! They are pals of Jane Krakowski.
They took it into space with them, along with a signed script
from Robert Carlock for his episode Apollo, Apollo.
YES! My Graphic! My Print! Went into space with a Robert Carlock SCRIPT!
Alec Baldwin has been documented saying one of his favorite
things on the 30 ROCK set are the Jack Donaghy Photoshops.
I think the Pope one was done by someone at Broadway Video for the pilot.

Oh baby! I'm gonna miss this job.
Made this Food Taint Hot Zone Map for one of  Peter Dinklage's scenes
on 30 ROCK and I made sure that all the info on the map
is real, based on actual statistics and data.
My Genius cap says Dunce on the other side

My relationship with technology. 
I am organized, I swear.

Red Sonja was the first comic book I ever read!

The handwritten page is a journal entry of a co-worker.
It was a perfect expression of how 30 ROCK took over our lives.
It says, "After a long, broke and sweat- filled,
emotional summer I'm back at work at 30 ROCK."
That was the last thing she wrote for six months.
"It's just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the
sand. I beat people up." - Muhammad Ali

My printer is in there somewhere.
That's a picture of Tina and I
next to a giant Meat Cat cake made by the Ace of Cakes based
on my design of The Cheesy Blasters Mascot Liz Lemon
gave birth to in a dream.
A Recovery CD by Eminem is a crucial part of my decor.
Thank you, NBC!

There is a note from 30 ROCK writer, Tami Sagher
in the upper left corner that says,
"Hi Yvonne. Let me know if you need drawing tips."
The Bathroom Girls are my comic book.

On the right: Drawings from my first sketchbook.
I drew punkrockers on almost every page.
See more of my 9 year old creativity at:
Jack Johnson, Barack Obama, Eminem, three of my favorite men.
Random is beautiful.
The baby that is cursing me out is my print vendor's child.
"Pay my Daddy, Bitch!
DeBoer Media, best printers in the world!
The cartoon is my baby, my Gay Little Baby.
My baby has a website:

Eminem is reading How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

The Pac-Man dragon is witchcraft that keeps all tech drama at bay.
There is no cure for the panic attacks I experience at frequent and
random intervals when I re-realize that Steve Jobs is gone from this world.

Kimiko Tan, Meat Cat are my designs.
The Centipede of Fun was drawn by 30 Rock Star and Writer, Paula Pell.
The Meat Cat animation on 30 ROCK was done by Curious Pictures.

Beautiful fan letter to Alec Baldwin that I stole.
Good Times with John Amos on the 30 ROCK set!
In the foreground:
 An official Sheinhardt Wig Company
Magical Thinking Cap.

Use your mind grapes.
Me at my desk, my laptop is behind me.
This big mess came out of that small robot.