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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Diary of a Mad Woman - Ben Affleck Vs. Al Gore

A while ago I read a book called Radical Honesty. Good book but it should have a disclaimer under the subtitle. Being radically honest has not helped me one bit. Or maybe it has helped me at times, but because it's hurt me more times than it's helped me I can't even see any benefits anymore. The warning label on the book should say: Only read this book and apply it's theories if you know that whatever you say will sound like what people want to hear in the way that they want to hear it.

In order for me to be radically honest I need to burn every bridge between me and civilization just to stay alive inside. How the fuck is everyone just going along with all the madness that is taking place on this planet without using the f-word in every other sentence like I am?

We live in a world where people like Ben Affleck talk about having been down and out in showbiz while accepting an Oscar in the prime of his young life. What the fuck is he talking about? The only time his career seemed to kind of slow down was those few months when he was on the cover of every magazine, getting paid millions of dollars to make movies while having sex with Jennifer Lopez, one of the most gorgeous women to walk Earth. That was his low point, I guess, slumming it with one of us puerto rican chicks and causing a tabloid orgy. Does Ben Affleck not know about all of the poverty that is leading to children and women being sold into sex slavery everyday? Does he not know how many families cower in fear of domestic abusers? Has he not heard about how women are being ripped to pieces by gangs of men on a daily basis? What the fuck is Ben Affleck fucking talking about? When was his ass ever knocked down? It is this massive distortion and amplification of popular people's petty problems overshadowing the desperate plight of the people of this planet, yet again, that has got me on my latest mood swing down.

We should all be fucking MAD at how we are being driven above the speed limit toward our own extinction by the rich and powerful. Just like the great Paddy Chaefsky scripted for Howard Beale in Network we should "Be MAD AS HELL and NOT WANT TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" 

So, if Ben Affleck is going to use his one time to talk to millions of people at once through the television to say, "Weep for me, I had a few bad days once, when I had to give up a great piece of ass to maintain my artistic integrity" then I am going to use my highly unpopular blog to tell you to "weep for you." This Ben Affleck can't save us. Why are we giving him shiny gold men and fame and fortune and millions of dollars?  He is something to advertise on so that is how I am using him today. This blog entry isn't even really about Ben Affleck, I just know there are horny men and women that google his name every day because they want to sleep with him and this is my chance to accidently get on their radar to tell them to wake the fuck up and give a shit about something that really matters, like Al Gore.

The other day I was in St. Mark's book shop and I was looking for some brain food and I saw Al Gore's new book, The Future. It had a sticker: Signed Copy! I opened it to look at the signature and when I saw his handwriting I put the book back down totally uninterested. 

Al's signature was a jumble of shapes with long limbs that reached back into the signature strangling it while also framing it. The mess of long lines that refused to extend outward forced his whole name into a contained parallelogram, "Al Gore" was boxed in by the aborted reach of his frantic awkward flourishes and it made it hard to read what he was trying to tell me: his name. And that is what is diminishing Al Gore's power in a nutshell. 

Al Gore has this amazingly brilliant mind, governed by a righteous moral compass and deep-rooted sense of decency, but he is fucking mad as hell and because he feels the need to communicate in a way that is non-offensive and potentially upsetting he is not being heard. All of the anger that he could be creatively demonstrating would motivate people to absorb the urgency of his message but his voice is being strangled by his conditioning to obey polite conventions.

Our former Veep's efforts would be accelerated by a little bit of creative rage now and again. He said something so brilliant in the new Rolling Stone. I'm paraphrasing, but he basically said that if there had been a legal way to launch a violent revolution against the Bush war machine after the 2000 election he may have pursued it, and then he laughed, and it was the first time I felt like he was getting close to really saying the truth. The fight we are in right now, to appease our ecosystem before it eats us alive, is a life or death situation. But he is telling us the world is hurtling to a terrible end for us in a gentlemanly whisper. Gore's book should be retitled, Wake the Fuck Up You Stupid Idiots, I'm Trying To Tell You You Are All Going To Die! and maybe he could finally get people's attention toward solving the very real problems of our time, before it's too late.