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Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Don't Know Anything About Peace But Neither Do The Geniuses Either

    Back when our money systems were invented we weren't totally aware of how many resources were available across the planet. That's why things fluctuated so much. That's why we had so much war. We lived in an information vacuum, we didn't have lights, we didn't have electricity. It was scary as hell. People were literally in the dark. Trade was a luxury and when you weren't sure you could get more goods to exchange you killed or got killed to get by.

     Today we have a pretty exact idea of how much gold, silver and copper there is. We know how much coal, iron, oil, sunlight, clean water and clean air there is. We know exactly how much land is available and how much of it is inhabitable and what areas can be used for industry. We know how many people each country possesses and how many of them are hungry and sick.Thanks to the internet, satellites, advanced geothermal and geological mapping technology we have a chance to collect this data, to get a birds eye view of it and engineer a new wealth distribution model to ease humanity's suffering. Why don't we do it?

     The wealthy need the working class culturally bound to the ideas of walls and borders so that their families can hide behind them and hoard the wealth for themselves. We let our leaders convince us that war is the only way to protect the little we have and to get what we need to stay alive. Masses struggle in a working rut, praying for some mercy, divided by religious influences and accept the idea that some people are blessed and some people must suffer to maintain the spiritual balance of the world and appease the gods. We constantly celebrate the victory of one man, one nation, at the expense of many. This is why nothing changes.

     We are addicted to the idea that we can't make life more fair because if life was meant to be fair God would have just made it fair by nature. We point at gazelles being eaten by lions and say, 'see that's why humans can't stop killing each other' like we are walking around naked and craving cold meat wrapped in fur.

     We compare ourselves to animals that don't have our biological opportunities to ease our guilty conscience. For whatever reason it took us a long time to figure out how to get out of the grass and invent ipads, toilets and fast food but we did it. We now have to tools we need to know better. War is not a necessary evil for distributing wealth, it is a tool for stealing wealth. War it is proof of our continued barbarism, collective cowardice and constant capitulation to violence. We suck when we resort to war. Every time a war is announce it should be prefaced with the following statement:

     The human race is determined to prove once again that it is pathetic and that it's leaders, in spite of all their education, are the stupidest fuckheads alive.