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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Podcast: The Veterans Vs. Baby North - Who Will Win?

The Veterans Vs. Baby North

The world is going to hell. I made this podcast to cope. And it has a theme song! Check it out.

Listen Here ---> The Veterans Vs. Baby North - Running Time - 1hr

One hour!? Yes.... One nail-biting  hour!



Only have six minutes to try and not kill yourself? I understand.

Listen to the heart of the podcast here:

Don't Kill Yourself - I Need You To Live So I am Not Alone - Running Time 6:28

Not feeling suicidal? Just thrilled Baby North is here? Welcome her to Earth with me!

Welcome to Earth Baby North - Here's What U Need To Know - Running Time 4:59

Wanna hear the Disco extended version of my Welcome to Baby North? Get ALL my venom here:

Baby North Extended Version - Running time 9:25

Only have time for a song: Rock out with the New ManiacsAlmanac Theme Song:

The Maniacs' Almanac Theme Song: A Song About Free Speech for You.

Have a nice day.