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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fake Indian Feminist Busted For Being A Bitch?

After tweet-debating with two very cool Indian men named Kartik and Prashant I have been reading about this case non-stop. Indian people and culture have always moved me. Their compassionate spiritual, and intellectual brilliance should be cherished and celebrated always, so I really want to be as respectful as I can right now, which is hard for a maniac like me when I think any rich people from any country are being dicks to any poor person from any country.

My first reaction to this case was to be insulting and harsh to the diplomat, and if the charges against her are true they need to be addressed.

Forgery. We cannot have anyone who is willing to commit any acts of forgery working in such sensitive environments where truth is essential. Truth is the only thing that makes peaceful negotiation possible and productive.

Exploitation. No worker should ever be forced to work for a wage they didn't agree to, or be held in a country against their will. All workers deserve fair compensation. If there was an attempt by anyone to create the illusion of fairness while being abusive and cruel, that kind of systematic dishonesty cannot be tolerated in any environment.
Discrimination. From what I am now learning the diplomat is from a lower caste system (Dalit) and the maid from a higher one. Did the maid believe any treatment from her boss was an insult to her caste status? Is it possible that the maid running away was motivated by her cultural belief that she should be living in much better conditions than her Dalit employer. If she sought legal retribution against her boss to restore her social position because culturally she perceives her boss to be beneath her then she could be making false charges to cause political injury to her boss as revenge.
Politics. The maid is a Christian and is very well aware that the U.S. is a nation with fundamental Christian muscle. It is possible that the maid was planning to stay here all along and that her accepting the job was just her way to get here. Did the maid create charges against her boss so she and her family could stay here? Did her boss and country expect her to fulfill her promise to work for them? Is the American prosecutor (a man of Indian heritage) being motivated by truth in the maid's accusations or is he acting out of a deeper belief system (consciously or subconsciously) that no Christian should ever do domestic work for any Dalit?
It is interesting that our Government has chosen to take this case of workplace abuse so seriously when, for example, so many Wal-Mart workers are forced to go on welfare to make ends meet.
Again, forgery CANNOT be tolerated, but the Prosecutor seems to brush past that charge to be completely incensed by the financial hardships of the maid and I find it very odd that this maid's plight has moved him so much more than the plights of miilions of Americans who are living below the poverty line while working multiple jobs.
The American people and the Indian people are too full of so much goodness and genius to allow politics of petty, greedy, power hungry liars to diminish our potential to future generations. I hope that the truth is revealed soon and that we all (especially my angry ass) can be inspired to act with kindness and patience toward each other as we pursue truth and justice for all.

Thanks Kartik and Prashant for making me think and giving me hope that passionate debate can eventually lead to peaceful agreements on common ground.