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Sunday, August 3, 2014

If The Bible Could Talk

Lyndon Johnson starts the Vietnam War. 

Richard Nixon continues the Vietnam War.

An Oil War to be exact.
America votes these rich assholes out of office after 1 term.

Prescott Bush would be so proud of his Grandson.

That guy standing behind Jenna Bush is becoming a BILLIONAIRE because of this war...

Bam is not interested in freeing Bradley Manning.
Welcome to the New World Order.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Official Definition of "KARDASHIAN"

KARDASHIAN [car-dash-ee-uhn-]

1. to squeeze all of the monetary value out of your children that you possibly can (I’m gonna’ Kardasian these kids all the way to the bank.)
2. to constrict or squeeze all of the artistic merit out of someone (She will Kardashian the soul out of that muther fucker like a vampire.)

1. a person who will do anything, including exploit their children, for fame or money (OMG! That woman is so selfish and greedy and shallow and fake and untalented and desperate for fame that I thought she was a Kardashian.)
2. a person with no talent (Scott is such a loser that I thought he was born a Kardashian.)
3. a person who will help a rich famous man murder his wife and a waiter while the murderer’s children sleep upstairs. (I just stabbed my wife and her friend to death. Quick, someone get me a Kardashian to hide the bloody evidence. I can claim attorney–client privilege to avoid testifying so I can get away with murder and his family can become rich and famous!)

Relevant Questions:

What do the Kardashians represent to society?
The Kardashians represent the Korruption of the law (in favor of the rich and famous) and the wanton, willful, remorseless desecration of love. The sexual objectification and exploitation of women for material gain and social status is also a Kardashian Kultural Kalling Kard.

How Many Kardashians are on the homepage of major news websites today?
Even one is far too many.

How Can We Rid The World of Kardashians?
Nuclear weapons.

What Causes Kardashians to think they should be the center of our universe?

What Are The Best Treatments For A Kardashian Overdose?
Seclusion and drugs.

How To Avoid the Kardasians
Stay near people with artistic integrity and intellectual ambition and interest in things other than how important the Kardashians are to themselves for no reason. Stay way from greedy people. People who will do anything for money or fame usually end up in a selfie with the Kardashians.

How To Use The Kardashians for Fame
Have sex with them and pretend to like it. Get it on tape if you can. The Kardashians love to share their publicity machine with anyone who occupies their genitals because it’s always breaking news when anyone can tolerate them in such intimate proximity, especially after so much media coverage has documented how vile and soulless they are.