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Friday, November 28, 2014

Baby Jesus Has The Blues

By Lou Neetunez

     Proving once again that they don’t understand the true meaning of Christmas, thousands upon thousands of Americans piled on top of each other at the Macy’s in Herald Square to save pennies on things they will be throwing away this time next year.

     Some more devout shoppers observed that while Christ may be dead greed is not. “I only have three TVs and one of them isn’t big enough to impress my neighbors who I don’t like, so I need a new one.” one shopper admitted. “I am not here buying gifts.” another crazed consumer quipped, “I buy gifts at the 99 Cent Store on Christmas eve.” 

     Next we caught up with a woman who was dying to be on camera, “I’m here buying myself some shoes. My husband says I don’t need anymore shoes, the closet is full of them, but I love making him swim through a sea of expensive stillettos to find his one pair of old sneakers.”  When her husband tries to be rescued from his marriage by blinking three times and mouthing the words “Help Me. I hate living with this selfish Bitch.” his shoe addicted wife grabs him by the throat forces him to hold her purse while she tries on another pair of shoes, “He needs to remember that he took a vow to love me for better or worse. Christmas is all about showing love. Love is about sacrifice. He should try to be more like Christ who was happy to be nailed to a piece of wood and hung up as a warning to others not to ever criticize people’s greedy behavior. Isn’t that right, honey?” 

     Luckily for the Black Friday crowd corporations love to manipulate greedy American shoppers like puppets. An employee of Macy’s, forced to work in a mosh pit full of shopping monsters shrugs and does what she has to do to pay her bills. “Retail is the best career to have if you want to see the worst in people, (if you don’t count prostitution and police work). It should pay more but my manager loves to remind me that mannequins work for free and never ask for a raise because they don’t have kids and elderly parents to support and if I want to lose my job to keep talking but otherwise I should just shut my pie hole and keep ringing people up.”

     We asked a psychologist why Americans love shopping so much on days that used to be reserved for somber and spiritual reflection. “People have abandoned deep thinking and conscientous objectives in favor of looking at celebrity asses and violent amateur porn, they no longer want to reflect on their lives because they have become worthless by today’s standards and dangerous to the future.”

     As we leave the store to file this report we are sure that we learned at least one thing: Christ would not approve of all this shopping in his name–if everything was full price, but since it’s a big sale... 


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Thursday, November 13, 2014


By Hedda X. Plodeing
New York City, N.Y.

     Over a million Americans gathered for a concert, The Concert For Valor, in honor of the troops on Veterans’ Day.  Did you read that? One million Americans gathered on the Washington Mall to celebrate in honor of the Veterans.

     Some of the biggest names in music, true legends, performed. Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Eminem... Some of the biggest A-List Stars spoke on behalf of Veterans, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Oprah... Between songs they talked about organizations that serve Veterans and how we as a society can contribute to making sure those who sacrifice so much for this country are properly taken care of. Amazing organizations like Team Rubicon...

     That night in the media, there was wonderful momentum behind the Veterans, for one shining night, and then the self-centered slut from Hell, Kim Kardashian released naked pictures of herself early the next day and totally interrupted the follow-up coverage of The Concert For Valor, the massive, beautiful, peaceful, joyful historical event that took place the night before.

     Veterans’ Day is the one day where we remember the brave people who keep our nation secure and the coverage was spreading into a second day, full steam ahead, until this pig who is in the press constantly over-using her ass for publicity, famous for doing nothing–for anyone,  gets the media’s full attention as soon as she drops her pants. The Veterans forgotten again. This is the state of the union.

     You may remember the last time Veterans were getting a lot of press, it was when Dr. Jose Mathews exposed the neglect at the VA hospital in St. Louis, or you may remember that‘s when Kim married Kanye.

     You may remember when Veteran Daniel Somers committed suicide leaving the most heart wrenching suicide note behind, detailing how the neglect at his VA hospital led to his unbearable suffering. Or you may remember that was when Baby North was born.

     Time and time again as soon as Veterans’ issues begin to get a lot of media support the media whore from hell comes out flashes some skin and the media turns it’s back on what really matters.

This is the state of the union.

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