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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giving Tuesday - Celebrity Report: Jill Scott


By F. U. Jillscott
New York, N.Y. 

      A few days ago some anonymous person was challenging me on Twitter while I tweeted about Bill Cosby and she signed her last post "Good Bye Felicia" and I see now that singer Jill Scott has decided to use Giving Tuesday to get on Twitter to defend Bill Cosby publicly–and she is signing her posts "Good Bye Felicia" so  I guess the anonymous asshole I was dealing could be the same asshole as this semi-famous asshole, so now I will write, inspired by Jill Scott's public stance, in depth here, because she needs a confrontational feminist education. Here is MY charitable deed for Giving Tuesday. This one's for you, Jill.

     For years I heard rumors about Bill Cosby being a rapist. It never dawned on me that the reason these rumors existed for so long and never went away, was because it had been happening for so long and involved so many different women. Bill got away with it for 50 years because many powerful corporations would have been rocked by the scandal. He was confident that all of his production associates, corporate sponsors, live venue contacts, and philanthropic connections would do whatever they could to make horrific accusations like rape go away. Luckily for the human race, times have changed and the internet has finally allowed Bill Cosby's accusers to be heard. 

     Jill Scott has a problem with the accusers being heard. Jill Scott seems to be saying, who cares if he raped a bunch of white girls for 50 years as long as we brown people don't lose a false God. He has brown accusers too, so why are those brown people less important than Bill, Jill?


     People like Jill Scott want to blame the accusers instead of Bill. People like Jill say, how can you savage Bill's career by asking him to explain 50 years of vile behavior against so many young girls and women? People like Jill don't say how could Bill savage women's human rights over and over again and still think he deserves to have any career as a public figure and a role model? 

     One minute Cosby defenders, like Jill, ask how anyone could doubt the innocence of Dr. Cosby, the amazing, powerful, incredible, brilliant, communicator, one of THE most important voices of our time. And in the next breath they say they are speaking out for him because he is "poor old Bill" who shouldn't be bothered in his legacy years to answer to these allegations. Bill can't respond to the accusations; that he is infamous in professional circles of  systematic, brutal acts of violence against female professional acquaintances! Bill wants to call the accusations "innuendos" and let women like Camille hide him safely behind her wall of silence–or get women like Jill Scott to use her professional voice to play the race card on his behalf. 

     People like Jill Scott apparently feel more comfortable blaming women for what Bill did to them when they were unconscious teenagers.

     People like Jill Scott say, why didn't the accusers come out sooner? Duh! There is a reason drugging women and raping them is so popular with serial rapists, Jill: Because women who are drugged and raped don't remember everything right away. By the time they realize the full gravity of what happened there is no DNA and the shame of being ambushed and raped by someone they trusted paralyzes them further. Finally the harsh judgement of others, like a celebrity rapist's celebrity friends like Jill Scott for example, it's too much to deal with when they are so emotionally injured by the rape. Day-to-day survival is all they can focus on for a very long time. DUH, JILL, DUH!

Let's instead
ask honest, awesome Bill
why he has had so much sex outside of his marriage.
That is highly unusual behavior
for someone 
with so

     And while we are at it, Jill, we should ask Bill why so many of the women he claims he had consensual sex with actually felt violently raped afterwards. Can he describe his love-making techniques so we can clear this all up?

     We could also ask Bill if his philanthropy is part of his pathology because so many of his attacks seem to start out with the lie of genuine interest in the woman's talent before he poisons them and renders them unconscious and unable to defend themselves against his real intentions.

     We can ask Bill why he was trying to bully an AP reporter into scuttling the story once again. We can ask him that, can't we, Jill?

     OR We can ask Bill why a different reporter revealed that Bill Cosby sold them a story about his daughter being a drug addict if they promised to bury a story about other assault accusations against him. 

     We can ask Bill about how he asked for stories about him drugging and raping women to be buried, and how he was quoted as saying to the reporter in private that he knew if the multiple assault stories broke at the same time people might begin to think there was some truth to the accusations repeatedly leveled against him.

     We can ask Bill about the time an employee at Temple University accused him of drugging and assaulting her. We can ask why he avoided a court case by paying her off. We can ask him if his decision to pay her off had anything to do with the 13 women willing to testify against him in that case. Since paying her off is an admission of wrongdoing we can ask him why he drugged and raped that Temple University employee and why Temple wanted to build him a statue a few years after he raped their employee and why the Chairman of the Board of the Temple University Board of Trustees defended Bill in court against the rape accusations and NOT the Temple Employee who didn't have nearly as much money as Bill did for expert legal representation. We can ask him that, can't we Jill?


     Bill Cosby got famous telling jokes when he wasn't telling other brown people to be ashamed of who they are unless they are just like him. Genius comedians like Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Richard Pryor were lectured by him publicly and privately and then held up like contaminated goods in his interviews because they used street language in their work. Bill Cosby smugly sold himself to America as the only brown person who could be trusted with American families. If there was a drought of good opportunities for brown people during Bill's heyday you can thank Bill Cosby who used his mega-fame and bully pulpit against every other brown comedian every chance he could get. He condemned hip hop artists and comedians communicating righteous anger as the drug war closed in, like the new Jim Crow, around working class society, driving a wedge between poor people and police, making daily life unbearably difficult and dangerous for everyone below the Huxtable tax bracket. Anyone with righteous anger in society was to be dismissed outright if they sounded "uneducated" or let their pants sag, according to Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby acted like wealthy brown people were the only ones who deserved a public forum, to be heard and respected. Bill Cosby was not good for brown people. He was good for white people who only like brown people that will never make them deal with injustice against brown people.

     Oh, one more thing. This is personal. Since Jill was using a retweet referencing old Michael Jackson child abuse allegations as some kind of proof that Bill Cosby will be found innocent one day, NO. I DO NOT THINK SO, HONEY. I, yes, me, the writer of this piece, actually had to stop Michael Jackson from trying to go in the bathroom with a little boy once, so from my personal experience I can tell you that Michael Jackson was a fucking pervert too and he was not used to anyone telling him "no". In fact, I may have been the one and only person who ever dared.

     It's time to stand on the right side of history, Jill. You are part of the problem. Stop making the world safer for rapists. 


Good Bye, Felicia.