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Friday, December 4, 2015


This essay by rap superstar, political legend and patron of the arts, Mr. Chuck D, appeared in 250 Ways To Make America Better by the Editors of George Magazine published by John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1999.

A portion of the book's proceeds went to the East Harlem Tutorial Program, an award winning non-profit educational program serving children, teenagers and parents.


There are still major factors that continue to keep America rusted at the root. A public consensus remains that actions speak louder than words; however, apologetic words are a lot better than silence. The silence of Uncle Sam has been mistaken by some, as good old American racism. In other words, silence has been a contribution to the pattern of the past. Bill Clinton at least started the ball rolling by apologizing to black folks for U.S. slavery.

Okay, cool. But what must then happen is action after the words, of course. To fix America is akin to fixing a car with many problems. You don't just shine it, change the wheels, and call it a done deal. You have to get under the hood.

Control of education, economics, and enforcement is still a fantasy to the descendants of slaves in the United States. Those three factors are key in determining whether an environment is a community or a plantation/ghetto. Reparations will continue to be a touchy issue for non-blacks who maintain that they weren't there in the beginning without realizing that they have benefited at others' expense.


America should and could consist of a worldly people who recognize who they are and from where they came. Yet people need the proper preparation to understand and control their own destiny. Americans continue to believe that our 2,000-by-3,000-mile area is the be-all, end-all of the world (save a few jet-set trips to Europe) and slap derogatory labels on other countries like "Third World" (completely skipping over the Second World). Our contributions to the planet are ultimately capsized by our immense ill will. With education, people could gain a broad perspective, unlimited in the knowledge of different lands, culture and understanding. But by propagandizing people in the education system, you end up with a processed people, not unlike the processed chickens and cows being injected with hormones. We're shot up with American homogeneity.

The educational process is one-sided. Even though people say supplemental education should come from the home, slavery was such a traumatic experience for so long a time that the paradigm is highly unbreakable without a counter-traumatic program. People need to learn what this country did to become the might United States of America. It wasn't all so peachy keen.


Education should teach people to have and support their own. The whole existence of super-corporations eating up smaller entities takes advantage of the community as it loosens people's sense of togetherness. For example, the Black community has never been tight because it is still suffering the post traumatic effect. The reliance on the super-corporation is a relationship similar to that of the master to the slave owner for necessity and existence.

And what about supercorporations' investments in prisons? That's legalized slavery for the twenty-first century. If you don't have a system that lays out options and education, the people who are suffering the post-traumatic effects of slavery will be conditioned to go right into jail: from one big institution that doesn't supply you with goods to another.


Supercorporations influence the "dumbing down" of Americans. If they foster American's cluelessness by not recognizing the rest of the world, then they can program people into being mindless drones. When people don't have control over their realities in their communities, a fantasy world (perfect for the consumer) can be sold to them. Americans think they are making the choices for themselves, but they're really just handed down in a candy-coated package.

And the emphasis on athletes and entertainers in the Black community is completely out-of-hand. It's not sexy enough for supercorporations to support scientists or teachers, and therefore they're overlooked when it comes to the big bucks. It all boils down to this: a community that is not given the understanding of it's reality will therefore be subjugated to be a slave to a fantasy world. And sports and entertainment are fantasy. Of course, people need releases, but when their outlets become their dependencies, then they're not dealing with the cause at hand. People should be taught to pick and chose their fantasy worlds. not have them forced down their throats.

Ultimately, America needs a sense of worldly accomplishment (look at Thomas Edison, Jonas Salk and Noam Chomsky or their terribly under acknowledged African-American counterparts like chemical engineer, Dr. Yvonne Clark, pioneer of blood transfusion science Dr. Charles Drew, astronaut Guilion Beauford, and newspaperwoman Pearl Stuart) to progress human beings forward to a point where we can take care of the world to make it a wonderful place to exist all the way around, not just in different pockets.

- Chuck D

Sunday, November 29, 2015



Editor's Letter Premier Issue, George Magazine 1996

Over dinner one evening during the early months of the Clinton administration, my partner Michael Berman and I noted that friends who had never turned an eye toward politics were suddenly taking notice of the new faces coming to power in Washington. Whether it was because of who they were or how they were covered, these new personalities were proving fascinating to a freshly engaged public.

Since that time, the trend has only accelerated. Political figures are increasingly written about as the personalities and pop icons they have become. Politics has migrated into the realm of popular culture.

That's not to say the prospects for a successful political magazine were encouraging when Michael and I started developing the idea for GEORGE in 1993. Despite what we perceived as a surge of interest in the personalities of politics, the public's cynicism toward government was as pervasive as ever. A magazine devoted entirely to covering a system widely regarded as broken was a tough sell.

Along the way, the question skeptics never stopped asking was, why create a magazine about politics?

We believe that if we can make politics accessible by covering it in an entertaining and compelling way, popular interest and involvement in the process will follow.

GEORGE aims to be a breed apart from traditional political magazines. Our coverage of politics won't be colored by any partisan perspective–not even mine. GEORGE is a lifestyle magazine with politics at it's core, illuminating the points where politics converges with business, media, entertainment, fashion, art, and science. Whether it's violence in the movies or free speech on the Internet, culture drives politics.

We will define politics extravagantly, from elected officials to media moguls to movie stars to ordinary citizens. And we will cover it exuberantly, showing the unexpected, meaningful, and whmsical ways that it affects your daily life.

The fact that GEORGE is post-partisan doesn't mean that we don't believe that party affiliation is the only hook on which to hang one's political identity. With a recent poll showing that nearly 40 percent of Americans no longer have any loyalty to an organized party, we suspect that Americans want to know more about the people who seek to govern and less about the correctness of their politics. When "progressives" find themselves defending the status quo and "conservatives" are advocating wholesale change, labels serve less to define than to obscure. In GEORGE, you will hear all the voices in today's political dialogue because todays political opposition can become tomorrow's ruling party.

If we do just one thing at GEORGE, we hope it's to demystify the political process, to enable you to see politicians not just as ideological symbols, but as lively and engaging men and women who shape public life. As a lifelong spectator of the giant puppet show that can turn public people into barely recognizable symbols of themselves, I hope we can provide something far more useful than that.

GEORGE also will be the first feature magazine launched simultaneously on newsstands and on the WorldWideWeb. Our Web site will offer readers the opportunity to converse with one another and to discuss the magazine and politics in general, as well as serve as a resource guide for particular issues.

So that's GEORGE. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we've enjoyed creating it. It's the first of it's kind, like founding father George Washington, it's namesake. We've set out to make a magazine about politics in which the images are as compelling as the prose and where you might find something to feed your enthusiasm, spark your curiosity, or even ease your disaffection.

We hope you'll be informed, provoked, and entertained–but mainly, we hope you'll get involved, because as a wise man once said, Politics is too important to be left to the politicians.

- John F. Kennedy Jr.

Celebrity Gossip Because That's What We Like To Read As Rome Burns

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Definition Of Disgust

Blogging - B LAH - ging - (Verb)
1. To jam a dirty needle full of sentence-structured screams into our brain dead, soulless, fame-obsessed, junkie-fucking-civilization, in hopes that something magical will happen after your words disappear into the porn-infested cyber seas

2. To create inspiring written content for interested parties or zombies in the process of trying to fuck, marry and kill each other.

(Sounds like someone has her period. Get her this... to help stop the bleeding.)

Saturday, June 6, 2015


OK. I have known since I was young I should probably not have kids (for the kids' sake) for various reasons, so I did not have kids. There are plenty of men and women, straight, gay, otherwise, who make this choice everyday.

It's fascinating that some people, like Caitlyn Jenner, who say they were too scared to tell the world who they really were (because society is so terrifyingly cruel), were not too scared to get married and have kids. Personally I think it is VERY cruel and VERY selfish to know you are lying to people about who you are and still go ahead and build a complex emotional life with them. I don't give a damn what your reasons are for lying. Caitlyn did this, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES knowing each and every time she was lying about who she really was. 

To expect the people you have lied to for years, to stand by you, while capitulating to all of these new demands about what to call you and how to interact with you, when they find out you are not at ALL who you said you were, to protect YOUR mental health and public image as you transition into someone totally different, it is vicious, duplicitous, emotional blackmail. It's actually batshit fucking crazy to manipulate people this way. It is time to be honest about this very disturbing aspect of the Caitlyn Jenner saga if we really want a more compassionate world to evolve from this celebrity fueled media circus.

I get it. 
I do.
I feel bad for transgender people who are conflicted and scared to come out. I feel bad for any human being in emotional turmoil, however the media and the LGBT community needs to stop glossing over the emotional suffering of the spouses and kids who are devastated and traumatized by years and years of lies. The emotional, psychological ramifications of being lied to for prolonged periods of time by an intimate partner or parent must not be trivialized.

REMEMBER: If you are too scared to come out of the closet about any aspect of your life you are not ready to be a spouse or a parent. Keep it in your pants, do it for the kids.

In closing, if you kill someone with your car, maybe take some time to reflect on that instead of staring in the mirror at your $70,000 face. If I had just killed a woman I would not be on a major media blitz, being photographed in my shiny satin corset and panties, introducing the world to my new tits while announcing multi-million dollar endorsement offers from cosmetic, clothing and publishing companies while squealing about how excited I am to throw some girly parties and change the world. I wouldn't do that, but Caitlyn would.  Maybe she is already more woman than I will ever be.

PS To Lena Dunham, the girl who fingered her sister, you DO NOT want Caitlyn to teach you 'how to drive a stick shift in heels'. Ask Kim Howe how well Caitlyn drives, oh never mind, Kim Howe is dead. Besides, Bruce was driving that day. Maybe Caitlyn drives better than Bruce did...

And now a word from my sponsor...

Friday, June 5, 2015

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE FASHION - #RememberNicole #RememberRon

Below is a story about Chris Brown stalking Karruche Tran from 

In the middle of the depressing, scary article is a GIANT AD for the dress Karruche was wearing while trying to get away from Chris as her friends tried to help her fend off his unwanted attention. Chris is most famous for beating his ex girlfriend Rihanna to a bloody pulp before the Grammys.

In the gutter of this upsetting article were links to endless articles about the Kardashian sisters. 

The Kardashians rose to fame 20 years ago when their father, Robert, defended OJ Simpson, a very rich and famous celebrity who murdered his ex-wife and her friend. Their fame increased when daughter Kim performed in a homemade porn video with a hip hop singer. Many say she released it on purpose to increase her fame. She claims it was stolen and released against her wishes. 

The family is now very famous and rich for exploiting every single aspect of their personal life for commercial gain. Every tragedy is turned into a fashion statement, every teardrop turned into gold. 

The saturation of the media by this one family is destroying everything that feminists fought for. Kardashian women are the enemy of women everywhere. In Kardashian land women are only objects to be exploited for profit. In the world of the Kardashians, women are nothing more than pretty possessions for powerful men and mannequins for the fashion industry to hang the latest fashions on. 

Monday, June 1, 2015


#MexicansAreRapists Formerly Titled #MondaysAreDevious

Was reading this on Variety and had to comment.

Eva Longoria is getting ready to launch a new show about Latinos on NBC and she is trying to guarantee it's success by doing damage control in the latin community. She pissed a lot of us off with her last show about Latinas called 'Devious Maids'.

The problem is that Eva is an idiot who does not understand why people are angry about 'Devious Maids'. She is too stupid to see how she is promoting dangerous, racist, ideas on a massive scale. Let me fucking spell it out for this stupid bitch:

Eva is using her global fame to brand Latinas as ‘Devious’ worldwide, in a world where we are already very negatively represented and systematically mistreated. This unfair treatment of Latinos is the acceptable norm as a result of stereotypical misrepresentations perpetuated by the corporate and political elite. 

When a famous, smiling, multi-millionaire, like Eva cheerfully labels domestic workers, the most abused, neglected and misrepresented workers in the world, specifically as ‘Devious’, she helps to further insure that they are denied a genuine human characterization in the mainstream media and as a result fair treatment in the real world.

What fate do 'Devious' people deserve?
The negative portrayal of an entire race of people helps justify the colonization and/or extermination of those ethnic people by defining their race as inherently evil and in need of a foreign police and military presence to protect the good people from the wicked, violent, dangerous greed of the poor, working class, 'devious' ethnic people. On the show 'Devious Maids' the basic premise is that the latina maids’ friend is murdered and they want to get justice for her. It’s bad enough to brand the maids as 'devious', but to do it in this context is even worse because Eva and Marc Cherry are validating the racist idea that latinos who wants justice for horrific crimes committed against them are just ‘devious’ beings, deserving of bad karma, and not entitled to the basic human rights and protections guaranteed to others. This is the exact kind of thinking that allows police brutality and sexual violence against minorities to thrive. 

To make a show called ‘Devious Maids’ is just as bad as if Eva and Marc Cherry made a show about Jewish holy men living in a concentration camp who hide the pennies they have left from their Nazi captors and calling the show ‘Cheap Rabbis’ or if she made a show about African slaves in America who protest by refusing to lift a finger for their slavemasters and calling the show ‘Lazy Slaves’. 

Eva cannot admit how racist this is is because she obviously wants fame and fortune more than anything on Earth and she is perfectly happy to crush the image of working Latina women underfoot as she climbs the ladder of success. She chose to make millions and millions of dollars using television to very publicly echo the sentiment of racists who believe latinos are inherently bad people by branding Latinas as ‘Devious’ on a show she produces. Eva Longoria is a phony and a sell-out and a racist. No amount of PR spin in Variety can undo the damage 'Devious Maids' does to undermine Latinas and domestic workers every day. Eva defends producing ‘Devious Maids’ but won’t appear on it. She will not risk tainting her precious image as a 'hot', glamorous, star or damage her career as big boss at a production company by playing a subservient, lowly, devious Latina maid. She knows damn well what she is doing. Fuck her, fuck Marc Cherry and fuck everyone who helps her make that fucking show and promote it.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Celebrity Mothers' Day Message from the Grave

Yo. Check it out! Kanye West's mother just came through on my ouija board this morning and this is what she wants me to tell Kanye.


I need to set you straight before you write more dumb editorials that are designed to help corporations ruin the world.

You are the son of educators. Thinkers. People who value knowledge above all else. You did not become an educator like us. You became an artist because you were not smart enough or humble enough to follow in our footsteps.

Unfortunately I died way too soon. You needed a lot more time to become smart enough to be left alone on Earth without me. But you know the saying, 'God needed another Angel' so here I am. And now, because of you, I need to get off my heavenly cloud on Mothers' Day, when all I really want to do is finish a nice long lunch with Maya Angelou and Jackie O.

I understand that being married to a venus fly trap requires most of a man's focus to survive the union with your nuts and bank account still intact, but recently in Paper magazine, Kanye, you said sometimes an artist has to change what they are saying in their lyrics to avoid losing a contract.

That is incorrect, son. That is only true for people willing to sell-out everything they believe in for fame and fortune. I did not raise a corporate slave so why would you say such a thing?

You don't have to accept any contract that censors your personal voice.
Are you Krazy or Konfused or Kash-strapped?
Can you please tell America that I did not teach you such offensive nonsense? Thank you.

Now if you really feel you need to change your lyrics, Kanye, to protect some busine$$ contract, then you are not an artist, you are a travel agent selling one-way tickets for a trip on a New Millennium slave-ship, and the destination is a glittering, Corplantation* where you perform for millions and millions of dollars while waving the confederate flag in working-class people's faces. You, my son, have abandoned the essential spirit of the hip hop movement to become Kanye Kardashian the Korplantation gatekeeper, and now you are telling everyone to take off their shoes and belt and be searched for offensive ideas before they create art. You are telling people to silence themselves if some revolutionary magic happens inside of their heart and mind that makes them express how unjust the world is and how unfair the divide between the rich and the poor is.

People who do anything for money are the greatest enemies that the human race has.

Oh, what a disappointment you are my dumb son.

Just because YOU are abandoning the responsibility of an artist to become the most famous 'reality' show fashion accessory in Hollywood for a few million dollars, doesn't mean every artist has to turn his back on his own personal truth, or the political reality of the world we live in, to make art. There is a huge market for the truth and it is the job of the artists and scientists and historians and educators and thinkers to expand the market for the truth by building a community of like minded creators who will not compromise the truth, or lie to people, so people's increasing demand for the truth forces corporations to give us the truth and nothing but the truth so help us God.

Why are you grabbing up as much limelight as you can just to hide the truth from illumination, Kanye? Tell the truth about what a sell-out you are and how you will do anything for money and fame. Don't lie to people and say that lying and self-censorship is the only way to survive in America. Tell the truth about what a crazy, confused dick you are. Tell the truth about all of the blood on American hands in the middle east, about all of the needless wars, about all the fur and blood diamonds your new family owns. Tell the truth about all of the systematic racism and sexism, the political prisoners, the drug war, tell the truth because there is so much that can be fixed in this world as long as people refuse to silence the truth.

Why are you suddenly so loyal to corporate interests that profit and thrive on the lies that fuel the war machine business model? Why?

The ONLY way to be an artist is to NOT edit yourself for money. THIS is what I was trying to teach you, Kanye. You have gotten it totally backwards. I'm not sure what went wrong. It might not be my fault or your father's fault. Well trained vaginas and mouths have long been known to undermine great parents and lobotomize many once-promising men.

You are obviously feeling pressure to konform to the ridiculously shallow family values of your new Klan, my dear dumb son. Tell that bitch, Kris, the whore monger and her multiplying brood of narcissistic, surgically altered, fame-addicts that you are an artist and you will do what you want. That family figured out how to make a stiff like Anna Wintour fall head over heels for an amateur porn actress and her uglier, dumber sisters, so let them figure out how to market you, as you are, uncensored.

Well, I have to go back to Heaven, Kanye. Me, Maya and Jackie are having Mothers' Day Margaritas with the Daughters of the American Revolution, women from the Rana Plaza Factory collapse and some beautiful Palestinian girls. But before I go my dumb son, let me give you one piece of very good advice. If those ridiculous women in your new family find anything you say offensive, I'd consider that a green light to keep talking. And Kanye, give up fashion design. People really do not need any more celebrity branded clothes made in Bangladeshi sweat shops. Oh and don't look at any of the pictures of Kim with Kris Humphries because she actually smiled back then and looked really happy when she was married to him until she dumped him to sign a better business contract with you.

OK? I still love you, you dummy.  Now smarten up or I'm gonna start telling people that you were adopted. Thanks.

Mama OUT!

*corplantation: check out Chuck D's twitter feed for the official definition. That's a word he coined that says everything about everything.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Whenever black history month rolls around I get frustrated because some of the greatest Black Americans get overlooked because the mainstream media is too afraid to remind people that these people existed, because the power of these people frightens the hell out of them. One of these people is Malcolm X.

During Black History Month you will see a bunch of tributes to black singers and jazz musicians. Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth may make an appearance, and of course you’ll get lots of stuff about Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks who fought for a seat on the bus. If a media outlet is really edgy you will see a picture of Angela Davis somewhere at the bottom of the list of Black American Heroes without mentioning too much, if anything, about her association with the Black Panthers. You will barely hear anyone use Black History Month to sing the praises of one black man in particular, one that sparked an intellectual revolution that triggered an army of people to rise up around him ready to pursue every single right that Black people are entitled to according to the constitution. That man was Malcolm X.

People don’t seem to want to acknowledge that without Malcolm X the racist people in power would have dismissed Martin Luther King Jr. outright and we would have made no progress whatsoever. Malcolm X gave America a choice about how they could deal with civil injustice, his vociferous and militant presence said to racist America, “You can listen to and fulfill the righteous demands of nice, patient, Martin Luther King Jr. over there, or you can face the immediate fire and righteous anger of the unyielding, unapologetic forces led by Malcolm X. You decide, America, how you would like to proceed because justice will not suffer one more minute of your inhumanity against your fellow man.”

Suddenly Martin Luther King Jr. was the belle of the ball. Heads of state couldn’t wait to be seen with him, shaking his hand, inviting him down to Washington to stand on the mall and tell everyone about his peaceful dream. Meanwhile Malcolm was invited on talk shows, where ratings rule, and gave the networks the shock value they needed to keep advertising dollars pouring in. Malcolm utilized the power of the mass media fearlessly and spoke glorious truth to power. People watching were in awe and also scared witless by his poetic, intellectual, historically accurate, brilliance. He could not be cornered into stupid arguments that would diminish his nobility and the truth of what he was saying.

Critics called him crazy. They called him the devil. The terror he inspired in the minds racist people, who had gotten cozy and comfortable seeing black people treated as second class citizens, well, their fear of Malcolm’s wrath woke their racist asses up! Racist America realized that black people knew they had second amendment rights and if they decide to use them, it wasn’t going to be pretty. Martin on the other hand told black Americans to stand down when they got hosed and when dogs were sent after them and when police beat them in the street. Martin could be worked with. Non-racist whites rushed to Martin’s side hoping their white privilege would act as a force field during his peaceful marches to equality.

Let’s face it, Americans love stories about the triumph of the underdog, so if America was treating black people as the underdog that meant the next American Revolution would be led by them, that’s how things work in America. Once racist America saw their two options for the future they had to make a decision.

Option 1 – Get your racist asses kicked violently by Malcolm’s army of supporters until you give Black Americans every single right and every single acre of land that they are entitled to as reparations for slavery.
Option 2 – Listen to Martin, accept black people in your communities and treat them with respect. Let black people sit in the front of white America’s busses and go to white America’s schools and drink from white America’s water fountains, and get served at the counter of white America’s ‘five and dimes’ and let them work in white America’s factories and institutions and if they can scrimp and save enough let them buy back some of that land their grandfathers and grandmothers toiled on. Listen to Martin Luther King Jr. and everything will be pretty much the same for white America, you’ll just have a few more pictures of black people showing up in Life Magazine from time to time.

Suddenly to white America, what Martin Luther King Jr. was asking for seemed totally doable. And so it was done.

Once America made the choice of the one black man they would accept political dissent from, the pressure was put on Malcolm, by the civil rights movement and leaders in the Nation of Islam to submit to Martin’s model and become more peaceful. In essence he was asked to put down his arms. His family was threatened his home fire bombed and he was assassinated. Three years later Martin Luther King was assassinated.

Imagine if white racist America had assassinated Martin first, how Malcolm would have responded? The peaceful revolutionary, Martin, needed to be seen as the victor of the civil rights movement, the martyr worth remembering and honoring year after year, because racist white America can’t have the world remembering Malcolm X as one who also pointed the way toward a peaceful civil rights movement by filling every other avenue to the future with fire and rage that no one dared travel.

Without Malcolm and Martin around any longer, the drug war was initiated and all of the progress made by the civil rights movement was stolen back by the power elite. Now we have more black men in prison than we ever did slaves. And the drug war knows no color, so the American hell that used to only be reserved for the black man is the providence of all poor and disenfranchised people in America, no matter what race you are.

The hip hop movement that rose up against this oppression was persecuted by law enforcement and co-opted by the corporations who changed the tone from one of social awakening to one of bling and booty chasing. The political power of the music was silenced as Tupac bled to death in Las Vegas and the rest of the now rich rap revolutionaries chose the good life over liberty and sacrificed the soul of the movement to mingle on red carpets with the spiritually worthless Kardashians and to sit in the front row at fashion week. They turned hip hop into a bitch game that Anna Wintour now controls.

The fortunes of man are a two-sided coin. On one side is the warrior and on the other the diplomat. No human progress can be earned by one side or the other. Both sides must be valued to insure social change can be made.

Until the 1,200 people who control the economies of this world are terrified of being ripped from their mansions and castles and murdered in the streets by the 7 billion people in the world living under their oppressive rule, the divide between the rich and the poor will continue to grow. Prisons will swell, slavery will spread, and genocide will continue to be committed. Do we want to live with hypocrisy and injustice and silence our voice for the approval of a few, to enrich ourselves or do we stand up and demand justice for the tired and the poor and the huddled masses yearning to be free, every waking minute of our lives until we are gone from this earth?

Today too many people think peace is something we have to beg for when it is something we create by keeping the tyrants in government and big business quaking in fear of exploiting us and unleashing our collective fury upon them. That passivity is why we can't get a fair shake no matter how many marches we go on.

To honor the legacy and spirit of Malcolm X one must despise injustice, practice discipline, pursue knowledge, learn history, think philosophically, speak eloquently, write passionately, pray religiously, and champion the American right to bear arms in self-defense. Do NOT put down the sword of your righteous anger to comfort your oppressor. Justifiable rage and the means to exercise it are needed to carve a fair and just civilization for future generations. Purposeful, productive, anger is the best partner for people with peaceful pursuits. Focused, informed, educated ire is the best weapon human beings have to make sure the more gentle members and leaders of our society do not get murdered in the streets and silenced forever while trying to deliver us all toward lasting peace and harmony.

Remember Malcolm X.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


The Assassin's Mother Accuses

This article was from the March 1997 issue of George Magazine, published by John F. Kennedy Jr. may he rest in peace.

Download the PDF by clicking here.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Blackface Vs. Drag: A tutorial in morality for people raised by sociopaths and serial killers.

Dear Mary Cheney,

It has been bought to my attention by that you have taken to Facebook in search of your soul. Allow me to assist you in your quest to become human by understanding why Blackface is offensive to Americans, while Drag is embraced.

Blackface is unacceptable in our society
because it was created in an environment
where black people were not welcome,
and was done specifically to humiliate black people
and negate any notion of their beauty and nobility.

Drag is acceptable in our society
because it was created in an environment
where all people are welcome
and was done specifically to celebrate feminine power
and honor both men and women as magnificent, complex, and colorful human beings.

Hopefully this helps you understand life better.

You're welcome.

P.S. War is wrong, in case you are too stupid to figure that out too.

Good luck, Dollface.


Official Signature
Provided by Jenna Sue via

Just saw a writer on Huffington Post that wrote a piece that felt like A MUCH longer version of my blog entry. 

Some more thoughts about this topic below in these screenshots from my twitterfeed @PoliticalComic

Read what   wrote here, he is way more polite than me to Mary:

Sunday, January 18, 2015


On 9/12 I went down to ground zero to see the carnage for myself. 
I took a lot of pictures which can be seen here. 

In the rubble a couple of blocks away from Ground Zero I saw a pen mixed in with the financial papers and dust that had blown out from the towers. The pen was warped from heat so I knew it had been in one of the burning buildings. 

My first thought was that this pen may have belonged to someone who died in the towers. I imagined that it belonged to a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her. I imagined a young woman like me, except she had all of her dreams stolen from her while she was at work, being peaceful and productive. 

The pen I found represents the most powerful tool we have to expose the truth, to avenge those murdered workers. So I picked up the pen  and took it home with me so I would never forget. 

The Paris Attacks and the chants about the pen being mightier than the sword inspired me to write about this pen from Ground Zero. 

As the news of the Paris Attacks unfolded I looked very closely at the coverage of the attack, which much like 9/11 targeted people at work. As I looked at the news coverage it became obvious to me that the Paris Attacks are a false flag attack designed to keep us focused on the same people we blamed for 9/11.

Now is a good time for everyone to visit the website for the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and watch their film on youtube here
Now is a good time to watch Loose Change
Now is a good time to watch 9/11 The New Pearl Harbor.
Or go to my new Facebook page totally devoted to #911Truth -

Now is a good time to remember that when public support for the War on Terror faded and the media started pointing out how unfair we have been to innocent people in the Middle East a new, very well funded terrorist threat emerged, right on cue and started killing journalists and police officers. 

I know who caused 9/11.
I know who kidnapped and killed all of those innocent plane passengers.
I know who killed all of those hard working New Yorkers.
I know who killed our brave police officers.
I know who killed our heroic firemen.
I know who attacked us on 9/11.

Do you?