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Friday, January 30, 2015

Blackface Vs. Drag: A tutorial in morality for people raised by sociopaths and serial killers.

Dear Mary Cheney,

It has been bought to my attention by that you have taken to Facebook in search of your soul. Allow me to assist you in your quest to become human by understanding why Blackface is offensive to Americans, while Drag is embraced.

Blackface is unacceptable in our society
because it was created in an environment
where black people were not welcome,
and was done specifically to humiliate black people
and negate any notion of their beauty and nobility.

Drag is acceptable in our society
because it was created in an environment
where all people are welcome
and was done specifically to celebrate feminine power
and honor both men and women as magnificent, complex, and colorful human beings.

Hopefully this helps you understand life better.

You're welcome.

P.S. War is wrong, in case you are too stupid to figure that out too.

Good luck, Dollface.


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Just saw a writer on Huffington Post that wrote a piece that felt like A MUCH longer version of my blog entry. 

Some more thoughts about this topic below in these screenshots from my twitterfeed @PoliticalComic

Read what   wrote here, he is way more polite than me to Mary:

Sunday, January 18, 2015


On 9/12 I went down to ground zero to see the carnage for myself. 
I took a lot of pictures which can be seen here. 

In the rubble a couple of blocks away from Ground Zero I saw a pen mixed in with the financial papers and dust that had blown out from the towers. The pen was warped from heat so I knew it had been in one of the burning buildings. 

My first thought was that this pen may have belonged to someone who died in the towers. I imagined that it belonged to a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her. I imagined a young woman like me, except she had all of her dreams stolen from her while she was at work, being peaceful and productive. 

The pen I found represents the most powerful tool we have to expose the truth, to avenge those murdered workers. So I picked up the pen  and took it home with me so I would never forget. 

The Paris Attacks and the chants about the pen being mightier than the sword inspired me to write about this pen from Ground Zero. 

As the news of the Paris Attacks unfolded I looked very closely at the coverage of the attack, which much like 9/11 targeted people at work. As I looked at the news coverage it became obvious to me that the Paris Attacks are a false flag attack designed to keep us focused on the same people we blamed for 9/11.

Now is a good time for everyone to visit the website for the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and watch their film on youtube here
Now is a good time to watch Loose Change
Now is a good time to watch 9/11 The New Pearl Harbor.
Or go to my new Facebook page totally devoted to #911Truth -

Now is a good time to remember that when public support for the War on Terror faded and the media started pointing out how unfair we have been to innocent people in the Middle East a new, very well funded terrorist threat emerged, right on cue and started killing journalists and police officers. 

I know who caused 9/11.
I know who kidnapped and killed all of those innocent plane passengers.
I know who killed all of those hard working New Yorkers.
I know who killed our brave police officers.
I know who killed our heroic firemen.
I know who attacked us on 9/11.

Do you?