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Saturday, April 11, 2015


Below is a transcript of the audio on this youtube video. Check out how many times Representative John Haller says 'classified', but watch the video again and REALLY listen to what he is saying in between 'classifieds'...

If you think H.R. 8791 sounds freaky, wait until you read it in black and white below. WTF?

Rep. John Haller (R) Pennsylvania, 12th District

"Said Bill requests emergency response funding up to and including CLASSIFIED dollars to prepare for national level terrorist attack and or attack from  CLASSIFIED.  Funding for first responders personnel and vehicles would be doubled if said attack leads to more than 80% of national population being affected by a   CLASSIFIED.

This funding shall commence in conjunction with the first attack on CLASSIFIED or the first large scale outbreak of  CLASSIFIED dependent on which comes first.

Civilian and military units shall be trained in containment and combat of CLASSIFIED including irradiated  CLASSIFIED with possibility of  CLASSIFIED, airborne  CLASSIFIED, flesh-eating CLASSIFIED, and or all of the above in such event as  CLASSIFIED, spewing CLASSIFIED escape or their release otherwise become uncontrollable. Air Force units may also be directed to combat said CLASSIFIED  due to their enormous size and other-worldly strengths. Should event occur in urban areas...


CLASSIFIED, far surpassing our darkest nightmares. Should casualties exceed CLASSIFIED , bodies-disposal action shall be held at associated resources and shall be re-allocated to CLASSIFIED  underground CLASSIFIED protected birthing centers. A new bill of rights shall be drafted and approved by  CLASSIFIED. 

Having now reviewed the bill I ask you now to please cast your vote."