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Friday, June 5, 2015

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE FASHION - #RememberNicole #RememberRon

Below is a story about Chris Brown stalking Karruche Tran from 

In the middle of the depressing, scary article is a GIANT AD for the dress Karruche was wearing while trying to get away from Chris as her friends tried to help her fend off his unwanted attention. Chris is most famous for beating his ex girlfriend Rihanna to a bloody pulp before the Grammys.

In the gutter of this upsetting article were links to endless articles about the Kardashian sisters. 

The Kardashians rose to fame 20 years ago when their father, Robert, defended OJ Simpson, a very rich and famous celebrity who murdered his ex-wife and her friend. Their fame increased when daughter Kim performed in a homemade porn video with a hip hop singer. Many say she released it on purpose to increase her fame. She claims it was stolen and released against her wishes. 

The family is now very famous and rich for exploiting every single aspect of their personal life for commercial gain. Every tragedy is turned into a fashion statement, every teardrop turned into gold. 

The saturation of the media by this one family is destroying everything that feminists fought for. Kardashian women are the enemy of women everywhere. In Kardashian land women are only objects to be exploited for profit. In the world of the Kardashians, women are nothing more than pretty possessions for powerful men and mannequins for the fashion industry to hang the latest fashions on.