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Monday, June 1, 2015

#MexicansAreRapists Formerly Titled #MondaysAreDevious

Was reading this on Variety and had to comment.

Eva Longoria is getting ready to launch a new show about Latinos on NBC and she is trying to guarantee it's success by doing damage control in the latin community. She pissed a lot of us off with her last show about Latinas called 'Devious Maids'.

The problem is that Eva is an idiot who does not understand why people are angry about 'Devious Maids'. She is too stupid to see how she is promoting dangerous, racist, ideas on a massive scale. Let me fucking spell it out for this stupid bitch:

Eva is using her global fame to brand Latinas as ‘Devious’ worldwide, in a world where we are already very negatively represented and systematically mistreated. This unfair treatment of Latinos is the acceptable norm as a result of stereotypical misrepresentations perpetuated by the corporate and political elite. 

When a famous, smiling, multi-millionaire, like Eva cheerfully labels domestic workers, the most abused, neglected and misrepresented workers in the world, specifically as ‘Devious’, she helps to further insure that they are denied a genuine human characterization in the mainstream media and as a result fair treatment in the real world.

What fate do 'Devious' people deserve?
The negative portrayal of an entire race of people helps justify the colonization and/or extermination of those ethnic people by defining their race as inherently evil and in need of a foreign police and military presence to protect the good people from the wicked, violent, dangerous greed of the poor, working class, 'devious' ethnic people. On the show 'Devious Maids' the basic premise is that the latina maids’ friend is murdered and they want to get justice for her. It’s bad enough to brand the maids as 'devious', but to do it in this context is even worse because Eva and Marc Cherry are validating the racist idea that latinos who wants justice for horrific crimes committed against them are just ‘devious’ beings, deserving of bad karma, and not entitled to the basic human rights and protections guaranteed to others. This is the exact kind of thinking that allows police brutality and sexual violence against minorities to thrive. 

To make a show called ‘Devious Maids’ is just as bad as if Eva and Marc Cherry made a show about Jewish holy men living in a concentration camp who hide the pennies they have left from their Nazi captors and calling the show ‘Cheap Rabbis’ or if she made a show about African slaves in America who protest by refusing to lift a finger for their slavemasters and calling the show ‘Lazy Slaves’. 

Eva cannot admit how racist this is is because she obviously wants fame and fortune more than anything on Earth and she is perfectly happy to crush the image of working Latina women underfoot as she climbs the ladder of success. She chose to make millions and millions of dollars using television to very publicly echo the sentiment of racists who believe latinos are inherently bad people by branding Latinas as ‘Devious’ on a show she produces. Eva Longoria is a phony and a sell-out and a racist. No amount of PR spin in Variety can undo the damage 'Devious Maids' does to undermine Latinas and domestic workers every day. Eva defends producing ‘Devious Maids’ but won’t appear on it. She will not risk tainting her precious image as a 'hot', glamorous, star or damage her career as big boss at a production company by playing a subservient, lowly, devious Latina maid. She knows damn well what she is doing. Fuck her, fuck Marc Cherry and fuck everyone who helps her make that fucking show and promote it.