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Saturday, June 6, 2015


OK. I have known since I was young I should probably not have kids (for the kids' sake) for various reasons, so I did not have kids. There are plenty of men and women, straight, gay, otherwise, who make this choice everyday.

It's fascinating that some people, like Caitlyn Jenner, who say they were too scared to tell the world who they really were (because society is so terrifyingly cruel), were not too scared to get married and have kids. Personally I think it is VERY cruel and VERY selfish to know you are lying to people about who you are and still go ahead and build a complex emotional life with them. I don't give a damn what your reasons are for lying. Caitlyn did this, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES knowing each and every time she was lying about who she really was. 

To expect the people you have lied to for years, to stand by you, while capitulating to all of these new demands about what to call you and how to interact with you, when they find out you are not at ALL who you said you were, to protect YOUR mental health and public image as you transition into someone totally different, it is vicious, duplicitous, emotional blackmail. It's actually batshit fucking crazy to manipulate people this way. It is time to be honest about this very disturbing aspect of the Caitlyn Jenner saga if we really want a more compassionate world to evolve from this celebrity fueled media circus.

I get it. 
I do.
I feel bad for transgender people who are conflicted and scared to come out. I feel bad for any human being in emotional turmoil, however the media and the LGBT community needs to stop glossing over the emotional suffering of the spouses and kids who are devastated and traumatized by years and years of lies. The emotional, psychological ramifications of being lied to for prolonged periods of time by an intimate partner or parent must not be trivialized.

REMEMBER: If you are too scared to come out of the closet about any aspect of your life you are not ready to be a spouse or a parent. Keep it in your pants, do it for the kids.

In closing, if you kill someone with your car, maybe take some time to reflect on that instead of staring in the mirror at your $70,000 face. If I had just killed a woman I would not be on a major media blitz, being photographed in my shiny satin corset and panties, introducing the world to my new tits while announcing multi-million dollar endorsement offers from cosmetic, clothing and publishing companies while squealing about how excited I am to throw some girly parties and change the world. I wouldn't do that, but Caitlyn would.  Maybe she is already more woman than I will ever be.

PS To Lena Dunham, the girl who fingered her sister, you DO NOT want Caitlyn to teach you 'how to drive a stick shift in heels'. Ask Kim Howe how well Caitlyn drives, oh never mind, Kim Howe is dead. Besides, Bruce was driving that day. Maybe Caitlyn drives better than Bruce did...

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