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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Back when that soulless degenerate Kim Kardashian got married, for the third time, to the one and only true love of her life, I wrote a blog entry about the public depression of Rob Kardashian. I blamed his depression on his inability to escape the nightmarishly shallow, controlling women in his family and I still do. Today I feel like commenting on his new relationship with his sisters' arch-nemesis, Blac Chyna because Shakespeare would have had a field day, writing a little something with this kind of family drama in mind, so why shouldn't all writers have a little bit of fun weighing in on this tangled web?

Khloe Kardashian who claims to love her family more than anything, just threw her sick, depressed brother out of her home because he had the audacity to find a little bit of happiness with someone that she and her vile sisters don't approve of. Rob has broken the family code which is: for all men to cut off their balls so that the women in the family can reign supreme. Right, Caitlyn?

The Kardashian family code, according to the actions of the women, is all about making sure you never have a contradictory thought about the witches that rule the roost or they will put a publicity fueled hex on you which involves pretending to be concerned about the well being of the men in their lives while making jokes about the things they are most sensitive about, on television. Here is an example: Kim and Kris, sitting around on TV joking about Rob's weight gain while making fun of the fact that the tattoos of the women he has loved are becoming fatter too. These two cruel bitches who claim to care about their brother and son, respectively, in one fell swoop are making jokes about his deteriorating health and broken heart. Who the fuck does that to someone they love, especially on TV?

They see nothing wrong with doing this to the men in their lives because to them men are just wallets to be emptied and trophies to stand beside at red carpet events, so these women appear as if they are actually desirable and lovable. When not deliberately sabotaging the mental health of the men in their lives for ratings, with these televised betrayals, they are running back and forth to the gym and plastic surgeon to hide any of the flaws they have, that they don't want the world to see. Because they think only looks matter they don't even realize we see ALL of their flaws every time they open their mouths or post their inane thoughts online.

Rob has broken the family code before. He broke it when he wanted to just be a human being who was loved for who he is without needing to earn the affection of his mother and sisters by allowing himself to be used on television in any way they want to use him. His quiet resistance and self destruction has been an act of love but they will never see that because they are so busy looking in the mirror and taking selfies. Rob didn't want to come out and attack them the way they deserve to be attacked to protect himself. He doesn't want to destroy them they way they are willing to destroy him. He would rather destroy himself than hurt them. And he has been proving that for years. The ungrateful cunts have no idea.

By choosing to find happiness with Blac Chyna, someone who used to be a friend of THE family (until the youngest teenage daughter of THE family started dating Blac Chyna's ex) Rob has broken the code again. His place is far beneath the Kardashian Jenner women's need to seem like the most perfect women in the world. By dating the woman who had a baby years ago with his sister's new boyfriend he has undermined all the effort and money they spent on publicists trying to destroy Blac Chyna for criticizing her leacherous ex for preying on the young Jenner teenager, and for criticizing the youngest Jenner for publicly attacking her for trying to protect her from the opportunistic advances of her ex, the shitty, third rate rapper named Tyga.

Cryptic social media messages two weeks ago from Khloe advising you not to help broken people too much because you may cut yourselves on the shards were said to be about Rob. But while promoting her new and horrible TV "show" she said Rob's recent depression is not because of current family dynamics, but is actually because of the death of "their" father, that happened 13 years ago. According to Khloe, Rob's depression has NOTHING to do with anything these bitches could have done far more recently. Once again, any dysfunction in their lives is the fault of the men. Even the dead men keep getting blamed for what is going wrong in the family. It is NEVER the fault of the women. The women are perfect. If the women are not seen as perfect the brand is destroyed.

What I find truly hilarious about Khloe saying Rob is depressed today because of the death of "their" father 13 years ago is that she is totally forgetting that Rob's father is not her father, her father may be OJ Simpson because her mother is the kind of whore who fucks her best friends' husbands while her best friends husbands kill her friends. But because Khloe is kursed she has no real celebrity-murderer blood in her veins, her real father is probably the hair dresser her depraved, lunatic mother cheated on Rob's father with, one night in a drunken stupor, after a long day toiling at the salon.

Khloe is the daughter whose ex-husband decided he would rather hang out with poor whores and overdose all alone in his room in an official brothel than spend any more time keeping up with the rich whores in an E! television brothel. He got sick of being in THE family that uses his human weaknesses as click bait and commercials for THE family's reality show. Khloe, so desperate to keep up with the Kardashians, because she isn't a Kardashian, is the eternal phony living any life but the one that truly belongs to her. That's why she needs to teach her sick, depressed brother a public lesson by posing in a picture on Instagram with the caption "You never go against THE family" while wearing a "Compton" hat because she wants so badly to be a gangster who can intimidate you into obeying her every moronic demand that THE WORLD respect the Kardashian name, which isn't even her rightful name because the sperm that made her belonged to one of her mothers many beauty servants. THE family is standing together Compton style. They now identify very strongly with the struggle of the people of Compton because being born millionaires who try to dominate the media by talking about the weirdest places they had sex is really, really hard. She ended the caption saying how this post was inspired by her delusional brother in law, the famous, fuckfaced half-wit, Kanye West, who likes to get finger fucked in the ass, according to Amber Rose. She is crediting Kanye while wearing a Compton hat because she knows that mildly talented man-whore who married her porn producing sister wishes like a muther fucker he was Dr. Dre. Kanye Kardashian is not Dr. Dre, and he will never, ever be Dr. Dre.

This post from THE family to Rob Kardashian has one purpose, to further isolate and sicken the brother Khloe says she loves. If Rob wants to have access to his former male allies in THE family then he has to get on his knees before these evil bitches first. They are letting Rob know in no uncertain terms that they have pulled up the drawbridge to Kastle Krazy and he is locked outside, across the moat and not allowed back in until he refuses to be happy with Blac Chyna and denounce her as the horrible woman that the Kardahian publicity machine worked so hard to defame. This is an invitation to Rob to come back to the nest, on his hands and knees, begging THE family for forgiveness so he can be rewarded with his birthright, as a man in their world, to be 'kastrated' again and again by them in cyberspace for kash. The Kardashian Jenner women need Rob under their fist and depressed so we will all think a man refusing to be used for material gain by his succubi sisters and whore mongering mother is the insane one and power-hungry, fame-seeking, materialistic, narcissistic women are totally 100% perfect. They need him to be mentally ill so we will not notice how outrageously mentally ill they are.

Seriously, I hope Rob does find true happiness now that he has crossed these "powerful gangsta' bitches" in such a public way. I hope this woman Blac Chyna is truly into him and not playing revenge games with his heart. Maybe Rob will make himself a loving new family and escape THE family of heartless aggressive whores who have made millions undermining his mental health by portraying him as the one who is broken in THE family and blaming his beloved father for the damage they have done.