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Friday, March 11, 2016


Hillary Clinton says she is a Democrat but I think she is a liar.

Back in 2000, I voted for Hillary Clinton when she ran for senate as a democrat in New York. In 2001, after 9/11, many Americans did not believe what the Good Old Boys in the Bush / Cheney administration were telling us about what happened that horrible day. We were looking to our elected democratic leaders to support democratic political resistance against republican proposed military action in the Middle East until a legitimate case for the (never ending) war on terror could be made, and an international coalition formed to support such an unprecedented undertaking.

Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton did not provide any resistance to the republican Bush administration whatsoever. She did nothing to help demand a proper investigation into the events of 9/11. She let the crime scene at the World Trade Center be packed up and shipped to China without responding to countless protests and demands for the scene to be properly processed and tested for explosives. Her lack of interest in the forensic details of the massacre and her lack of desire to get us answers to so many troubling questions about 9/11 stunned me. She complained for years about being a victim of vast right wing conspiracies and after 9/11 when it seemed so obvious that one of those vast right wing conspiracies was afoot and about to plunge the entire world into war forever, Hillary Clinton was one of the first to join up with the GOP. She convinced millions of Clinton Loyalists, hard core liberals, democrats and millions of innocent people around the world that it was safe, and even our duty to send American troops to wage an illegal war.

As soon as the war started in Iraq the Bush Administration began releasing patriotic bi-partisan press statements and pictures of Bill Clinton chumming it up all over the globe with former President George Bush Sr., his former political rival, and yucking it up with the new President, George W. Bush, the dim-witted son of his formal rival. How is it that suddenly these warring factions seemed like such close family members, with George W. Bush even referring to Hillary Clinton as his "Sister-in-Law" and "Little Sister" on several occasions? Ask yourself: Is it possible that Slick Willy and Goldwater Girl Hillary Clinton are actually Conservative Republican operatives who have been working for decades to push America to the far right and undermine the Democratic party? Are they really hard core confederate Republican Neo-Cons masquerading as Liberal Democrats to corrupt the Democratic Party from within, to politically disempower the working class? I believe so. I believe Bill and Hillary are working to strengthen the racist, right wing powers in America. The people loyal to the confederate flag learned their lessons from the Civil War, you need to control munitions manufacturing, media and financial markets to fully control a country, and that was the purpose of launching companies like Enron, and it's the purpose of creating contracting military support firms like Halliburton and the purpose of conservative forces taking over news outlets like Fox News.

Hillary and Bill have regularly used semantics to deceive their Democratic constituents when presenting their policy ideas to the voters. They consistently voted with the GOP to undermine the standard of living for poor and working class people. They consistently voted with the GOP to impoverish the public education system while also working to expand both the prison and military industrial complexes. Hillary as senator voted to turn America into a surveillance state, a warring imperialist superpower, and emboldened corrupt conservative leadership like never before. Hillary Clinton as senator did more than any Democrat should have to insure that Republicans like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and others successfully execute PNAC's neo-con vision for a New American Century filled with war.

Even the symbolism in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign logo suggests her conservative streak is the dominating tone of her political goals. Look closer. You will notice Hillary's campaign logo is a red arrow cutting across two blue pillars. Red (in political terms) currently represents conservative right wing government loyalties in our current cultural lexicon. Blue represents left wing democratic ideals. Hillary's arrow, singular, and missile like, and red, represents a 'red conservative agenda', dominating the core of her vision and cuts right through the two, 'equal' pillars of 'blue democracy'. Her red conservative arrow cuts them in half as it shoots through them, moving to the right. The red, conservative arrow going across two blue pillars also reminds me personally of the trajectory of the planes going into the two twin towers. Her logo subliminally suggests that she is moving FORWARD with the red/right wing agenda of the conservative 9/11 gang. She will move FORWARD with the right wing conservative agenda to cut down our blue Democracy. She plans to pull us all to the right, on the tip of her war mongering spear.

Anyone who voted for the Iraq war should never ever be in power in the White House. Especially not Hillary Clinton. Why? Because anyone who voted for that war was an idiot or a totally aware that it was an act of high treason and is a complicit criminal. Hillary Clinton is no idiot. She knows what she is doing. She and Bill were in the White House right before 9/11, they knew better, they claimed to be under constant attack from 'vast right-wing conspiracies', they should have distrusted the Republicans the most right after the very suspicious, coordinated attacks of 9/11. They didn't express any distrust of the Republicans because Bill and Hillary are working with the Republicans, they are part of the 9/11 government cover up. They are part of the heinous criminality, they are as guilty as the other members of the Bush Administration for the massacres at the World Trade Center and Pentagon. They are diabolical traitors.

Hillary Clinton's position as a Senator in New York was designed to support the corruption in the Bush / Cheney administration. The conservative cabal behind the 9/11 Massacre needed her and her "democratic" husband here working and living at Ground Zero to create the illusion that powerful Republican opposition and Democratic oversight was in place during the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Openly conservative criminals in the Bush Administration needed this high profile liberal 'Clinton' illusion in New York Government, to pacify anyone in New York, America, or in the media who may question the Bush Administration publicly. If there was anything amiss, surely the Clintons, the Republicans' fiercest rivals would speak up.

So now that we know for a fact that the Republicans were lying about all of the reasons we went into war, and we can see the global chaos that is unraveling as a result, what is the chance that Bill and Hillary were fooled into creating this mess when the first thing Hillary did as head of State Department was cause a bigger mess in Libya? AND PLEASE REMEMBER that somehow ' this mess' is only a mess for all of us in the world, 'this mess' magically enriches and empowers Bill and Hillary and all of Bill and Hillary's friends and their friends are Bush Jr. and Sr. and they have the same friends as Cheney's friends and so on. 'This mess' they made after 9/11 costs people their lives and limbs and homes and loved ones.  Now Hillary is running for office and telling us she is the most qualified to clean up the mess but progress must move very, very slowly. OK progress MUST move very slowly, or the mess will get so much worse.

Hillary says we cannot survive without her BUT we must not expect too much from her. If we do we are fools. Fools indeed. Finally she is saying something I believe.