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Friday, May 27, 2016


And the main stream media is finally starting to acknowledge it:

And the ONLY reason the Democratic Party is not panicking is because we have a great American like Bernie Sanders ready to lead us to a future we can all believe in.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Repulsive Response to Hillary Clinton's AIPAC Speech

So I was on and decided to annotate Hillary Clinton's AIPAC speech. I chose to annotate this speech because I was alarmed by the tone. In my opinion it is a speech that reveals she and Benjamin Netanyahu are going to start war with Iran, as well as escalate the violence against Palestinians in Israel, if she gets elected.

And of course, I wound up pissing off a really nice person and this person sent me some messages. So I am going to put the reaction here, with my responses, because I think it is all very educational and explains a lot about why we cannot resolve the conflicts in the Middle East. I will call the person who was offended by my annotations "Nice Person"

Click to read my annotations on Hillary Clinton's AIPAC speech to put this conversation below in context.

NICE PERSON (responds to my first annotation):
Where do you get this information? Do some research about Israel and its contribution to the world in medicine, technology, literature, before spewing this venom!
You sound here no better than the Elders of Zion (look it up!)

NICE PERSON (responds to my second annotation):
Absolute nonsense. Hatred is not the right base for annotaiions. This is not “talkback” alley!

NICE PERSON (sends me a private message):
Sorry from ahead for the negative tone.

I found your remarks about Israel more than appalling. You fall into the narrative of hateful anti Israelis, aligning yourself with the darkest voices in US and world politics.

As I mentioned publicly – do some research; study the Middle East, its history and the achievements of Israel and Israeli scientists, medical field personnel, literature and humanistic activities all over the world.

Netanyahu does not represent Israelis, who by and large (including me) detest him.

Still, Israel with all its problems is by far a better place to live than any Arab countries, and many others, including for Arabs!

If you let your hatred and extreme biases guide your annotations, you lose their effect and respect of those who read your words, whether they agree or disagree with you.

Very disappointed,

Nice Person (Yes, I am Israeli, and a proud one).

I am so sorry that you feel this way. Truly I am. Haven’t seen your public comments yet. I appreciate that you are sharing your opinion with me.

Not sure if you have ever heard of Miko Peled but he is a wonderful Israeli peace activist and if you have any interest in seeing one of my Israeli heroes in action I would invite you to check out his videos online. He is pure love and he opened my eyes and I will always be eternally grateful to him for his courageous voice in this world.

With all my heart, I promise you I am not trying to be hateful or disrespect a race of people. Maybe it seems that way but I am being critical of the way the Israel is functioning under Netanyahu’s leadership.

I know that Netanyahu is not the Israeli people. I am so aware of that. :( I am trying to show that Hillary’s AIPAC speech is very dangerous and that she is manipulating people and advocating for war with Iran and that Netanyahu is on board with what she is saying. I am trying to stop the war she is setting up that will keep Israelis and Palestinians living in a war zone.

Please try and see that I do not hate anything but war and I am trying to take people between the lines of what Hillary is saying in her speech so that no more lives are lost to stupid wars when we are all part of the same beautiful, miraculous species. We are all deserving to live in harmony with each other and to share this planet lovingly with each other.

I love all people I do not want Jewish people to be used as weapons of colonization by the zionist extremists that are contaminating the country and the world. I have done a great deal of research in the last 6 years about what is going on in the region and it shocked me to see how violently we are spinning our wheels and getting no where because of this one-sided way casting one race of people as the good guys and one as the bad. Frankly I find it offensive to say that Israel is a better place to live than in an Arab country because it is certainly not a better place to live for Palestinians. And there is no reason to position one nation as a superior culture when we all have so much to learn from each other.

I love that you are proud to be Israeli, I am proud to be American. Both of our countries' citizens have contributed so many glorious, life sustaining things to society. But I am ashamed and furious at how American militarism is contaminating the world and spreading fear and death everywhere when we could be spreading love and community. I have to speak out against my country to heal what I think is unforgivably wrong with how we are doing things.

I am not driven by hate, I am driven by hope that if we can all really look at what is truly happening we can stop war, so we can have peace.

Like I said, I appreciate that you are sharing your opinion with me. Hopefully you will check out Miko Peled and maybe you will be able to see where I am coming from.

Nothing you said above changed my opinion. Hatred and disrespect is all I got from your annotations.
I was disgusted by the images you posted, and underinmpressed by the lack of factual information, citations and basic research of the subject. After reading the first annotations I did not expect to see any attempt to treat the subject seriously and you indeed lived down to my lack of expectations.

You definitely insulted all Israelis, Incite against them and paint the nation in a very dark colors, that with all their (our ) faults, still try to minimize death and casualties, especially civilians, in the ongoing conflicts.

I wouldn’t waste my time trying to educate you; that will be hopeless. I do think that you will be hurting the site with such a diatribe via “annotations”, and I am washing my hands away from you.

You need to look well in the mirror and try to find out why you hate Hillary so much, and to what end this negative emotion led you.

Thanks, 'Nice Person'. I appreciate your feedback.

It is obvious that your pathological hatred of Hillary Clinton is the driving power behind your diatribes. I sincerely hope that you get help for this.

Again. I am sorry that you are offended. War is offensive and those who resist it are usually painted as mentally ill in an effort to discredit them. Your diagnosis of my need for help is not surprising. I suggest you watch the videos of Miko Peled. Perhaps his delivery of the truth will be easier for you to hear.

I am less offended than disappointed – of you, and my misjudgment of you. f you had bothered to do the minimal research on a subject you wasted so much time on, and had you been more open minded, you have been able open to other views of the conflict. It is laughable when you say that you do not hate Israelis and Americans showing the images that you do openly accusing both nations of atrocities.

Miko Peled is a known figure, one of a minuscule number of vehemently anti Zionist Israelis (have you ever looked the term up? Do you have any clue what it means?), whose opinions and ideas are at best ridiculed by anyone who is familiar with the middle east conflict.

Just as I don’t waste my breath on Palin voters, I shouldn’t waste it on you – the left equivalent of the delusionary right.

Again. I am truly sorry you’re disappointed, 'Nice Person'.

You are very passionate about your views and I love that and appreciate your anger and they way you are challenging me. You are right. I do believe with all of my heart that both nations are guilty of atrocities. That is why those pictures are so upsetting to me as well. I still remember the day I first allowed myself to really look and listen and really see what is going on in the conflict. I cried all day. I could not believe I let my country convince me that what we were doing was justified in any way. What is happening is horrific and I care just as much about how the Israeli people are being denied the true magnitude of their loving brilliance by being forced to live in a police state. They are being denied warm relations with their neighbors so that the Architects of war can move borders for corporate and political dominance of the region.

My views are based on years of research and soul searching. My eyes were opened by people who first offended me. I now can see how beautiful life can be for everyone in the region and on the planet if we take the first step and admit that what we are doing now is not working. It is not loving. It is not right. It is beneath all of us. It is totally unacceptable. The human race is too magnificent to waste it’s time destroying itself. We are one people. All of us, made from the same miracles. We are all brothers and sisters and I don’t want any of my brothers and sisters to live in fear of one another.

You are a good person. I know that by how warmly you welcomed me here and how loved you are here. I really am so sorry that I have touched this nerve in you. I don’t want to make you more upset. I admire you for being a courageous person who is not afraid of intellectual debate.

As I said – I have no interest in engaging Palin and Trump voters, and in my mind you fall into this category, which I find repulsive.

Good luck in whatever you do.

Sorry my heartfelt message inspired you call me repulsive.

Good luck to you too.

You earned this title all by yourself.