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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Obama's Legacy and The Corrupt State of Our Union

This week Wikileaks released thousands of DNC emails revealing the corrupt depravity of the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign. You won't hear about it in the mainstream news, it won't be in the newspaper, it will only be reported by millions of people around the world, who are writing to each other, and blogging, and vlogging. A few rich media moguls and the politicians who hide behind them keep pretending people are not mad as hell. They keep acting like a revolution won't happen if they just ignore it.

Wikileaks revealed that in a desperate effort to stop Bernie Sanders from securing the Democratic nomination the Hillary camp did not try to win the nomination by telling voters what is good about Hillary. Instead the Democratic Party worked with the Clinton campaign to spread lies on the internet, plant false narratives in the main stream press, and trigger an outburst of anti-semitism in the south. While millions of Americans got off the couch, took time off work and spent their hard earned money working around the clock to tell people the truth about the virtues of Candidate Sanders and how electing him will benefit the nation, Hillary Clinton's wealthy donors paid for people to pretend they support Hillary. They hired fake supporters who were tasked with going on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook to create the impression Hillary had passionate supporters. They paid liars to tell genuine Bernie supporters how they were making a mistake by supporting Bernie Sanders. The company spreading this bullshit is called Correct The Record.

While all this was happening, the F.B.I. was supposedly conducting two criminal investigations on Hillary Clinton. The first for her deletion of government emails that she sent on her private server and the second was investigating the ties between the State Department and lucrative payments the Clintons received from International leaders via their "charity" the Clinton Foundation. Then just as the first investigation was wrapping up Bill Clinton had a private meeting with Loretta Lynch the U.S. Attorney General who would be responsible with prosecuting Hillary if the F.B.I. deemed she had broken the law. Bill initiated the meeting by showing up at an airport to climb on Lynch's plane. The F.B.I. told reporters on the scene they were not allowed to take pictures of this corrupt behavior. Then a few days later, Comey, the head of the F.B.I. said "no reasonable prosecutor" would take action against Clinton. Comey also admitted in a bizarre press statement that even though Hillary Clinton broke several laws in a multitude of deliberate ways the F.B.I. will not recommend prosecution even though they have and will continue to prosecute others who conduct themselves the way Hillary did while she was Secretary of State. Lynch not wanting to appear unreasonable did nothing. The second F.B.I. investigation, well I think we know how that will turn out.

Then our smiling, backstabbing, hypocritical President Barack Obama, you know, the liar who promised America "hope and change", well, that charlatan went around the world telling international leaders that everything is fine in America. Leaders meanwhile told their tourists to be very careful when traveling the the U.S. because it is violent and unstable. People around the world can see for themselves that liars and thieves have taken over our Democracy and that Americans are pissed, armed to the teeth and determined to take our Democracy back. They see innocent unarmed Americans continue to get killed by overworked, paranoid, cops and innocent cops in turn getting killed by disenfranchised, fed-up, angry people. 

Our POTUS came back home from lying to international leaders to tell us how he is sick and tired of all of the mass shootings. Then he flew back to more stable lands to grin like a lunatic who cannot bear to face the fact that he is the biggest fucking American liar around. He smiles and pretends his corrupt political relationships are not directly connected to the increasing violence and current political turmoil here in America. He smiles and pretends law enforcement is not corrupt while the FBI admits Hillary Clinton is a criminal and he endorses that criminal to be our next President. He smiles and pretends we have a Democracy even though he helped the DNC and Hillary Clinton rig the primaries. He smiles and pretends he will have a legacy worth leaving when he exits the White House but the truth is he will go down in history as a vile, despicable, traitor. He will be known as the President who came to power because We The People loved him and believed in him before he betrayed us, destroyed our Democracy and fed our future to the wolves.