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Friday, August 26, 2016

Dear Dollface

So, I just read this sad, angry, woman's essay "about feminism" on yahoo.

She is blaming feminism because she is the sole breadwinner in her family. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is this: she somehow ended up working a job that doesn't pay well, that she doesn't like, while raising kids she had with a guy who refuses to work and snowboards all week while she's at work. During her lunch break she does the grocery shopping for her family. In the morning before work she drops the kids off at day care, that she is paying for. After work she picks them up from day care and brings them home to cook dinner for her family, including her husband. Her husband, who refuses to get a job, doesn't do shit but snowboard and complain when his kids get sick and need their daddy to stay home with them. He'd rather be snowboarding than helping his sick kids feel better.

This young woman thinks her husband's behavior is a generational thing. She thinks somehow her husband's behavior might have been acceptable in the 1960's. She blames feminism for the fact that she decided to financially support and breed with a worthless man who has no ambition or soul.

This is the advice I gave her. I think it's very good advice:

Dear Dollface, 

Your husband is a total LOSER by every generations' standards.
Don't know what brand of feminism you adhere to but it sounds like you've embraced a bizzaro-world version created by manipulative male losers who need a sap with low self-esteem to support them.

Feminism taught me to dump losers and stay 100% single unless I meet someone who is willing to sacrifice as much as he is willing to take. This insures that if any children come along they will be raised knowing how a great man conducts himself.

Dump this f-ing dude, he is not a man, he is a worthless slug, and stop complaining. You've gotten addicted to blaming him for your low self esteem as a way of denying that you have low self-esteem. If you really believed in yourself you would not tolerate his careless, immature, laziness for two seconds. You wouldn't even be able to look at his lazy face without throwing up.

A little harsh but this woman needs to wake up, ASAP she is dragging several kids into their mess. We don't need any more losers in the future. We have enough already.