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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Object Lesson In Feminism For Kim K West

Why do I comment on the Kardashians? Because they have made themselves "patient zero" for our sick society and I like to analyze our sick society.

The Kardashians have demanded our attention in every media outlet, all day long, every day, for ten years. They have said, look at us! They have said "Keep Up With Us," They have asserted that they are the leaders and we are the followers and we need to try harder if we are to be more like them. They insist they are the standard we must adhere to and then they spend all their time promoting themselves as money obsessed sex objects. Every public relations move they make is designed to enrich them. They fine tune their message to feed society's insatiable hunger for mindless titillation and greed. To do this they make sure every Kardashian soundbite is well promoted, crafted, nonsense controversy and every Kardashian princess is always perfectly packaged for sex at all times. The baselessness of the Kardashian brand is based on the business model that was used to launch Kim's base and pornographic tape years ago.

Now let's pretend for a minute that this armed robbery of Kim Kardashian was real.

People (including me) are having a hard time having sympathy for Kim after the 'robbery' in Paris. Yes. Intellectually I know that 'what happened' is terrible and I know that she must have feelings, but she has worked really hard at convincing me that her feelings don't matter as long as she looks good. I have not been able to escape her message for a decade. Have you? She is on every damn website, her pictures begging, Please, Just look at me. Look at me. I'm perfect. Everything is perfect as long as I look good. Her husband Kanye Kardashian was joking a few weeks ago, that Kim is Marie Antoinette, heavily promoting his idiotic observation like anyone should want to be compared to Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette got her head chopped off in Paris because people got sick and tired of her perfect life and over-the-top opulence being rubbed in their faces while they starved. But before the mob chopped off Marie's head they stole her shit. 

Raw, robbed and ringless Kim K West is back in L.A. after the 'armed robbery' and not doing so well according to Khloe. Kim is suing a website for saying she faked the robbery (As of Oct. 26th she dropped the lawsuit) while someone else is selling halloween costumes of Kim being robbed. Even Robin Quivers on the Howard Stern Show had to back track and acknowledge that her initial reaction to the robbery was cold and that she was treating Kim like she has no feelings. But it isn't her fault that she forgot Kim has feelings. If a person spends all their time promoting themselves like a designer sex doll draped in diamonds, people are going to forget they have feelings.  Kim has actually gone and spoken in academic settings (while promoting her book "Selfish") and espoused the idea that objectification of women is good as long as they are the ones objectifying themselves. Kim's and her mother's mission to promote the objectification of women since 2006 means women's humanity has been under attack in the media for a decade by Kim, a self professed selfish woman and her mother and now all her sisters. They have infested the entire media landscape with endless photos of themselves in various stages of undressed seduction promoting feminine vanity and sexual objectification and manipulation as virtues. 

But now, finally, Kim can see what happens when you have been made into an object. Perceived objects have no feelings and they get treated accordingly. THIS is why so many people cannot have sympathy for Kim, because THIS is a lesson she needed to learn. THIS is why feminists fight so hard to stop women from being objectified in society,  because objects get manhandled, often violently. Get it now, Kim?

Kim does not get it. She is now promoting emoji's of a diamond ring, her face crying and a pair of hands bound with a black scarf.

Also the concierge's story is changing. Stay tuned for more lies from the Kreepy Kardashian Klan.