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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Donald Trump Signature - Handwriting Analysis

Anne Quito does a bang up job describing why Donald Trump's signature looks the way it does. Bravo, Anne! I also want to explain what I am seeing.

What I find utterly fascinating about our new President's signature is all of it.

First of all this signature is the signature of a person obsessed with being seen at the peak of every interaction. This person does not care if they are communicating smoothly. Communicating strength and dominance are absolute priorities to the person with this signature.

It looks like Donald Trump has several "A"s (alphas) in his name although he only has one and that little "a" doesn't even look like an "a". The tail on the "d" at the end of Donald is almost playful until it hacks through the "T" in Trump, which is literally bending over backwards to force itself into a-framed architectural symmetry with the first "D" in Donald and the "p" in Trump.

There is nothing sensuous in this signature. It's brutal and unpleasant and harsh. It wants to be beautiful. It wants to be magnificent. It's just trying way too hard.