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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump Won. What's Next?

They say be careful what you wish for and now I get it.

My big gripe about celebrities has been that they don't do enough to keep attention on social issues. Real issues get eclipsed by their celebrity nonsense in the media. Now celebrities are getting political, but they're still distracting from real issues while inciting violence and totally ignoring the dangerous hypocrisy of their positions.

I'm venting about that time female (mostly blonde) millionaires freaked out and went to the Womens' March because their beloved blonde millionaire lady candidate lost the Presidential election to super-narcissist, pussy grabber, Donald Trump. Lady celebrities took to the streets all over America, to lead other concerned women into an age of star-studded revolution. The crowd wore "pussy hats" and carried homemade signs about their pussies having claws and they cheerfully used the occasion to express their "nasty sides" as a way to protest the nasty new President, Donald Trump. Madonna preached about her fantasies of blowing up the White House and Chelsea Handler hissed about the Russians to the press. None of the high powered women that attended the march seems willing to accept that Donald Trump won the election because Hillary Clinton was only popular with out of touch people who still benefit from the loopholes patriarchy has in place for certain men and women to succeed.

This is reality for women in America: Women who date and marry powerful, rich men ascend. Independent women who are willing to exploit their sexuality as a selling feature of their "brand" (like Madonna and Chelsea Handler) ascend. The Womens' March was a chance for successful self-made sex objects to openly resent men like Trump who profit because women like them are willing to compete in televised beauty pageants. Madonna and Chelsea, the blonde alpha females of music and comedy are now united in fighting against the patriarchy; the same patriarchy they serve when they capitulate to a corporate marketplace that demands they flash their tits occasionally on Instagram to stay commercially relevant as artists. We women also have some male feminist celebrity allies. Doughy weaklings like Patton Oswald praise the Womens' March and encourage Americans to punch their neighbors if they suspect their neighbor is a nazi. This madness gets #nazis trending on Twitter while distracting from real issues affecting women. Sarah Silverman tweet-screaming for the military to drag the entire Trump administration to jail totally distracts from the blood on Democrats' hands, endless blood from the continuing regime change wars Obama and Hillary Clinton launched when he was POTUS and she was Secretary of State.

If millionaire celebrities keep our attention on Trump and only Trump we will continue to ignore the corruption of the Clintons during the primary season. That is very disturbing because rigging a primary is treasonous corruption and THAT corruption is what really cost Democrats and Hillary Clinton the election. And that corruption is still very present in the Democratic party. That culture of corruption allowed Trump to rise. That network of corruption funded the Womens' March. Women are marching to insure soulless women like Hillary Clinton are empowered to undermine democratic elections here and around the world so that we end up with male dictators in power.


Soulless women are equal to soulless men, but soulless men will always win!

The Womens' March demonstrates that it's OK to call corrupt women like Hillary Clinton a feminist leader while ignoring the rape and sexual assault claims made against her husband Bill since he was in college!


Celebrity activists tell us to march! Ignore Bill Clinton's real violence against women and make signs shaming the 53% of white women who didn't vote for his wife Hillary, who is very proud to stand by Bill no matter how many women he has hurt.

March, Ladies, March!

March! Ignore the fact that our newly politicized celebrity leaders need a bullshit media cycle. Ignore that they are rich because for years they were paid to keep women in the dark about the real issues that really affect them.


March or die.