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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bernie Sanders - The Real Lesson

This week it was uncovered that the Bernie Sanders camp made a deal with the Hillary Clinton camp to help cover up the anti-Hillary protests during the Democratic Convention during the Presidential election.

Yes. This news pissed me the fuck off.

While Sanders supporters like me fumed openly about all of the shady and illegal things that happened during primary season the Bernie Sanders campaign was working against us by helping keep our dissension out of the media.

Why on Earth would a man who says he is fighting corruption work to insure his supporters are silenced by his opponent?

Wikileaks reported that Sanders' departure from the presidential race was triggered by threats from Clinton cronies that he drop out - or else. Personally, if my family had been threatened by shadowy henchmen loyal to my opponent I would become more determined to stop my opponent, not less. Does that mean I don't care about my family? No. In one of the most haunting and beautiful speeches given by Malcolm X right before his death he explains why "he puts his family in danger" in his fight to stop systematic racism in America. Malcolm decided it was more important to teach his children to be fearless in the face of injustice than to teach them to surrender to bondage.

Now Malcolm X had no choice but to fight until he was murdered, the only alternative to not dying for justice was dying because of injustice. He was a marked man either way. A white civil rights activist has a choice when cornered by the state, he can usually retreat to the safety of being white in America any time he wants and that sadly explains why Bernie Sanders has never been as effective as I believe he hoped to be as a civil rights leader of the People of the United States of America.

Yes. Sanders is righteously staunch and eloquent when politically opposing oppressive policies.

That's nice...
That's good...

But he was not ferocious enough to fight until he rips the throats out of our enemies. At the end of the day Bernie Sanders is a white man who has learned through his life experience that there is always room to negotiate a win-win solution to any problem he tackles. His ability to be successful in the halls of power, while publicly opposing murderous corruption in the system is proof to him that the system is not totally broken. He, as a white man, experiences the parts of the machine that are capable of being more merciful and flexible. Bernie can't understand that against tyranny there is no room for negotiation. Tyranny is to be conquered, smothered, and destroyed. It can not be coddled and molded, slowly over time, through negotiations, into something more pliable and agreeable. We are all members of the human race and that scientific fact is not open to ideological interpretation. The stand Bernie took against tyranny as a young man was undone by our government's drug war. He undid his sacrifices to the civil rights movement by working hard for a corrupt system he swore to uphold and protect as a governor and senator. All governors and senators sustain a system of mass incarceration and the "privatization of prisons" A.K.A. legalized slavery, Bernie Sanders included.

But Bernie believes you can still change the system from within the system because the system isn't killing him and his kin just for driving, or buying skittles and iced tea while wearing a hoodie. In his defense Berne did work hard to help undo some of the damage caused by some of our most damaging laws. And he ran a joyous and inspiring Presidential campaign that was winning until he backed down. He literally walked away from being the conscientious President we needed to build a more ingenious and compassionate America. Then as he dropped out he told us, his supporters to back down too, while telling us to stay angry, and what good does that do, really?

Even if Bernie was threatened to stop the peaceful revolution he started, he was willing to help cover that threat to our democracy up by choosing to publicly portray himself as a gentleman who didn't have the heart to crush a lady's political dreams live on TV for all the world to see. (Her Republican opponent had no problem smashing her to smithereens, and that is why he is in the White House now.) Bernie chose to be chivalrous to his corrupt opponent when he had her in a political choke hold! His unwillingness to knock that corrupt bitch out of the ring during the fight of his life has cost America dearly. You can't end systematic corruption by suddenly adopting a "Ladies First" policy when the destination is the White House and the Lady who you are yielding to has more blood on her hands than all other previous presidential candidates combined.

Bernie Sanders a man with a good heart is accustomed to living a comfortable life while negotiating with tyrants. He backs down because he learned that's how he lives to fight another day. But we didn't have another day. Hillary was going to lose to Trump. Bernie was our only hope against Trump. So now we have Trump, because Bernie dropped out.

Those of us who believed in Bernie and campaigned for him and rallied for him because we wanted him to work for us in The White House were savagely betrayed by his capitulation to Clinton corruption during the primary. Now finding out that he assured his opponent that he would work with her to oppress us, his supporters, that is just beyond disappointing. He helped our enemy hide our struggle against injustice from the world.

Whether or not Bernie Sanders was threatened to acquiesce to Hillary Clinton is not the point. The point is Bernie Sanders chose to drop out because he decided it was more important to teach us to live with corruption rather than to teach us to fight against corruption until you, or it, is dead.