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Monday, May 8, 2017

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Scolding The Ivanka Trump Haters

I may change the name of this blog entry to Wake Up You Cunts because there are a bunch of hypocrites in Hollywood and Washington D.C. that need to wake the fuck up. But I haven't decided on that yet....

Meanwhile: To all of the celebrities who endorse Hillary Clinton while calling out Ivanka Trump for being "complicit" in her father's conduct - Shut the fuck up you stupid hypocritical, bitches.

You love Hillary.
We get it.
You wish Queen Hillary stole the election and you want to avenge her, and heal your broken hearts by creating a vicious mean girl swarm around Ivanka Trump.


Yesssss! You Ivanka haters love Hillary.
You think Hillary is amazing for women!
You think Hillary is the greatest feminist that ever lived!
Hillary. Hillary. Hillary!
You wear pussy hats while your champion Hillary Clinton wears her heart on her sleeve for a man who has been accused of raping women since his college days. 

Yes. He has.

What are you complicit in when you endorse Hillary Clinton, a woman who will not divorce an accused serial rapist?
You endorse a woman who can turn a blind eye to multiple accusations against her husband, across decades!
You endorse a woman who is complicit in covering up that her husband may be a sexual predator.
Why don't you care about that? Were the rapes and assaults in the past? Is that why you can be complicit with Hillary in ignoring the rape and assault accusations against her beloved husband Bill?

What if Bill's sexual misconduct wasn't in the past? What if it's still happening? Do you still think Hillary is a champion of women?

Did you know your heroine Hillary and her husband Bill still socialize with a convicted sex offender and alleged human trafficker named Jeffrey Epstein, and did you know that Jeffrey is also a friend of Trump?  Yes. Complicit. The Clintons fly all around the world with Jeffrey, the convicted sex offender and they hang out on his private island; the same private island where young women claimed they were held against heir will and pimped out to the rich and powerful.

Even Hillary's female friends are accused of reprehensible atrocities! Yes. Your heroine Hillary Clinton has friends like Laura Silsby. Laura was busted for human trafficking trying to smuggle dozens of kids out of Haiti. Hillary and Bill like Laura so much they intervened on Laura's behalf to keep her out of worse punishment for her shady dealings with children. What are they complicit in?

You, the people who admire Hillary, do you admire Hillary because Hillary refuses to believe ANY of the children who were being kidnapped by her friend Laura Silby? Do you admire Hillary for ignoring the women who have complained about her husband's "alleged" outrageous, violent, sexual crimes over the years? Together Bill and Hillary are accused of all kinds of professional misconduct. Do you admire her for that? Do you admire her for unleashing regime change wars as Secretary of State that have totally de-stabilized the mid-East and put countless women and girls in the hands of armed rebels who torture, rape, enslave and murder them?

Is that why you admire Hillary, Chelsea Handler, Scarlett Johansson and Debra Messing and the others?

You make it clear that you attack Ivanka because she was born the daughter of Donald Trump. I understand. He's a pig too.

Ivanka loves her father and works with him.
Is the bond creepy? Is her career path in the fastest lane on the nepotism highway? Does she perform for him like a well trained seal? Yes, yes and yes.

Ivanka could refuse the job Trump gave her as his White House Executive Princess In Chief and she could cut all ties from him and dis-inherit herself to show she takes a stand against his misogynistic conduct. She could. But where the fuck would she learn moral integrity like that? Look who her dad is!

No matter how much she distances herself, Ivanka can not help who her father is.
Hillary Clinton can help who she is married to, and Hillary is choosing to stay married to a man who has been accused of rape, serial rape, serial sexual harassment and serial adultery.

What does it say about you that you stand by her?

What are you complicit in?