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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Should You Date Someone Who Is "Separated?"

Many people are looking for love and need some help. I am here to help. 

Separated is NOT divorced. When a married person who is pursuing you romantically says they are separated it's the same as saying:

"I am very confused about my current relationship status because I am in the process of going back on my word about a sacred promise that I made. It's not MY fault that I didn't think things through before making a deeply serious commitment to another person. I can tell that you believe me when I insist that it's all my spouse's fault that we are separated. You understand me. My spouse doesn't. You are different than anyone else I have ever met. You are special to me. You make me realize that I am not done causing confusion or hurting people or making mistakes because I am interested in dating you even though I am still married to someone else. God, I am SO attracted to YOU and am choosing to drag YOU and only YOU into this state of emotional and legal limbo because my sexual desires are more important than the emotional consequences of my actions. Oh darling, I am ready to date YOU and ONLY YOU because I am not even remotely ready to be intimate with someone who is going to really pay attention to the things I actually say and hold me accountable. Yes! Let's date NOW, before I am divorced because I AM READY to not think things through clearly again, especially when someone like you is SO willing to invest their whole heart and soul into me. I think you are VERY sexy and attractive, just the kind of gullible person who is so desperate for love that you will disregard the very obvious signs that I am totally incapable of making a clear decision about the most important relationship in my life. Let's do this, now because I know you won't wait for me to get divorced, because you don't think things though clearly either. You deserve my love NOW because you know I am not worth the wait and we both know you are not worth the wait either. Hurry, let's date NOW! My choice to date you RIGHT NOW, before I am divorced, is THE ONE THING I am certain is good for both me and you and my children. Trust me."

Hope this clears things up for some of you out there who need this kind of help.

You're welcome.